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Thursday, April 29, 2004


Yesterday, I had my voice lessons with Teacher Deo (coolest teacher ever!) I'm lucky to be his student coz he is so excellent in teaching, but he is kinda "matigas ulo" because he doesnt drink his medicine on time... Haha! Oh well, we were trying different styles of vocalization eh, in the end, PAGOD nako! Haha! :) it was ok though... He was telling me that i can hit high notes like an opera singer.. wow! So much of an achievement...

5:00pm came and I need to go back to RCTMS for our recital rehearsal... We sang 4 tiring songs and take note they all have high notes which really made us very tired after the rehearsal. We ended up at 7pm. Mom waited for me in MCDO coz we still have to go to SCAN for the review of talks for SADE. So when we arrived there, I was so happy to see all of them again especially HIM! haha! Anyway, on Saturday, we are going to serve the kids at Tarlac for the Junior Kids Encounter. I'm gonna be the 1st speaker... Hope I could make it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATCHIE!!! GODBLESS! :) See you on Saturday for your debut party...

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


My tita carline gave birth to a baby girl!!! wohoo!! new cousin!!! I'm excited to see her on friday... We'll be going to Tarlac for the 18th birthday of my dear cousin Atchie Rika... I'll be going there with my family and Marga (since she's a close friend of Atchie too!). Oh anyway, I just stayed at home today... Rehearsed the difficult song I was telling you, had a great time chatting with Kuya Louie, Ian and Ate Shalom, talked with VEA over the phone, texted with HIM, uploaded some pics and wrote something on my diary... :P


Are you a registered voter? If yes, who will you vote for president? For those who won't vote yet, who do you have in mind? Well, wondering why I'm asking huh? Earlier, I was texting with Kiel (one of the Kakabakaba - GMA7 artists), he was in Pampanga to campaign for FPJ.

maine: wow, hanep... pag boboto knaba, boboto mo ba tlga sya?
kiel: hindi noh, walang mangyayari satin...
maine: eh, hu will u vote 4?
kiel: panfilo lacson...
maine: oh?! wow! ako din siya eh.. y?
kiel: para matakot na yung mga gustong gumwa ng kalokohan d2 sa pilipinas
maine: tama ka dyan! para may disiplina narin ang bansa! malakas ba tlga si fpj?
kiel: mukhang malakas siya tlga...
* I fell asleep *

I really hope that the voters will really vote wisely.. I think that we should pray for it. We should ask for guidance and wisdom from the LORD. I feel terribly bad about the fact that FPJ didnt finish highschool or college?! whatever! FYI, when you apply for a job, you must be a college graduate right? So nowadays, presidents can be a highschool or college drop out? OMG! Grrr....

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Monday, April 26, 2004


just stayed at home*watched tv*watched MonaLisa Smile*texted with HIM*ate*surfed the NET*went to church*talked with VEA*talked with Stevie*ate the last brownie HE gave me... :)


I just had my voice lessons earlier around 10:30-11am with Teacher Deo. Such a nice and cool teacher... Oh well, been learning this super difficult song from "The Phantom of the Opera" called "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again." It is really difficult for me knowing that I should sing like an opera singer... But its ok though. It suits my voice actually... Gotta go guys... I'm just renting a computer near my mom's office... hehe! Have to go back there. Tata!

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Oh I almost forgot to thank everyone for coming last night! I really feel terribly sad also coz the ones I invited didn't make it last night... I thought they were coming... Awww... I was really touched seeing the president of our student council, KUYA CARLOS (the only person who came to watch me)... And of course, my beloved barkada... Rap, Vea, Belle, Kristel! I thought you werent going to finish the concert! It really meant a lot to me... Seeing you there made me feel very happy... Pictures will be posted soon...

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Heya!!! The concert last night was really successful. It was one heck of a night! God is really great! As we all know, we didn't just perform there to be like a STAR, we did it for HIM! I'm so thankful that the Youth Ministry has dedicated much of their effort to guarantee a flourishing praise and worship evening and also emulate the bonding of the group, hoping to set example to each member of the community, saying that unity is one trait that should be inside everyone’s heart to continually give a helping hand. A helping hand which, on the Youth Ministry's own simple way, is to USE this concert to RAISE funds and HELP in putting up and finishing the RETREAT house in Tagaytay City.

Trials came our way also, but we can say that SATAN didn't win! Prayer is really powerful! Anyway, the SAD part there, we won't get to see each other often anymore especially our CO-SADERS living in LAGUNA. Unlike when there are rehearsals, we see each other almost everyday. Awww.. that would be so sad… I will definitely miss them, the bonding that we had, the jokes, laughters and even the mind-boggling games that we had during our break times. I guess we’ll just see each other this MAY for another SADE RETREAT! Wohoo! And oh, our OUTING too!!! Yehey!

And of course, I will really miss him. I will really do miss him… I mean, we thank God for the concert and for bringing us together. I will wait… Until we graduate… I really hope that God would give me guidance and blessings to take the right path. I will really do good in school… I promise! Thanks to him… mwah!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Lord, help me pls... I really need your guidance for the decisions I will make! I didnt expect all these things to happen, especially this summer! Oh God, I'm tired... I'm really really tired... As you all know, we have this Youth Ministry Concert call TE DEUM on saturday, 7pm at the Camp Aguinaldo (AFPCOC). We have this everyday or should I say everynight rehearsals. Minsan bigla nalang akong tatawagin for an emergency meeting sa UERM. FYI, I'm the Asst. Secretary of our Nursing Student Council. Then, here comes the rehearsal for our upcoming recital on JUNE (Ryan Cayabyab The Music Studio). Masyado akong nagpapapagod! Di ko kasi akalain na ganitop mangyayari.. Pero di ako nagcocomplain ha! Baka mamis interpret nyoko. First and foremost, I know na its my responsibility. Second, I want to serve and lend a hand. Third, I do this for the LORD and my family... Medyo nagkataon lang na nagkakasabay-sabay ang rehearsals...

But I'm happy with what I'm doing... There is someone who really inspires me to do better na walang kapaguran... If you know who you are, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it... Thank you! I will definitely miss you...

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I feel so good with my new online journal... Even better than xanga.. Thanks a lot VEA for everything! Nice background right? It really fits me! HAHAHA! Cute music notes!!! Wow! Oh well...

I'm here in Makati right now, I had my voice class early this morning... And later, I have another rehearsal for an upcoming recital on June 6. Too bad I didnt get to attend our rehearsal for the concert on SATURDAY!woohoo! I hope you'll be able to watch, especially the SADERS and my barkada... I miss you all so much! I really do! I guess I have to end this already.. Just dropped by to blog here... Bye! Mwah

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