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Friday, May 28, 2004


Woohoo, I'm excited to go swimming tomorrow! KIPPING FAMILY OUTING! Imagine, this is the only time that I'll be able to go swimming. I was too busy this summer, and I definitely need a break! The water needs me and so do I. I just love the water! I'm a swimmer that's why... I can't wait to wear my swimsuit, and goggles. Woohoo!!! Water! Water! Water! I'm also excited to see my cousins, yehey and that would be so fun! I miss them, bonding time again! But the bad news is, I have colds... Aww.. I cant stay longer in the water. I have to preserve my voice as well coz I'll be singing at Don Bosco Church on Tuesday. Oh no!


As I was watching Morning Girls early this morning, I saw MR. PALENGKE! haha! You got it right! The newly elected SENATOR MAR ROXAS! I was just wondering why he ALWAYS wears BLUE polo everytime he's on TV? And even in his political Ad! Wala ba siyang ibang color? Well, i guess it's his signature color... hahaha!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I missed blogging here... hmm.. We just had our 3-day retreat in St. Michael's Retreat House, Antipolo last May 21-23. Oh, how will I start this? We arrived there last friday at exactly 1:15pm. We arranged some stuffs there first. But that time I felt so sad coz we only have few candidates who arrived and it was like 4pm already and the mass will start at 4. Oh God pls send us more candidates. I remembered some lines from the Bible: "many are called but few are chosen!" When it was 7pm already, we were all happy and surprised coz we had 52 candidates! Yes! Of course, we want to serve GOD and more people as well... It was really tiring but it all paid off seeing them participate (sing, dance and all..) Imagine, I only had 2-3 hours of sleep! But its ok though.


I was assigned to be one of the speakers for the retreat, and boy, it was really fun!!! never expected it to be so fun! I got a chance to know the candidates well. I felt great sharing God's word with them. Especially when I heard positive feedbacks from the candidates, they were like saying this "ate, dami kong natutunan sayo!" Sobrang nakakataba ng puso! I didnt expect it coz it was my first time speaking in front of so many people... Thank you so much for listening SADE 30 and even for the support of my friends.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Some pics from the Te Deum Concert


I was doing an interpretative dance out there with kuya AJ... (dont you worry, he is a gay!)

after the interpretative dance... modern dance na!

tj, kuya donnie, julio, kuya alex, angel, bly, carlo, lance, and tim

angel, anzy, julius, kuya jan, lance and tim

change costume huh! another modern dance!

maine, kuya jan, julio, bly and tj

this was taken last MAY 1 in Capas, Tarlac... Kids Outreach.. Left: Mommy ko, carlo, julio, kuya jan, bryan, tj, kuya donnie. Middle: ME! right: carlo, lance, marga, G

The Te Deum vocalists!

My solo performance...

dancing some joyful songs!

astig!!! super hataw ah!

julio, kuya jan, kuya donnie, me, G, and jiggy

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Sunday, May 16, 2004


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Friday, May 14, 2004


Yesterday, I did a lot of things and I went to so many places. I had my voice class in the morning, went home and slept, 4pm- went to school coz we had this NSC meeting, after that, went home with marga, went to UST to attend the SANTACRUZAN, and lastly went to allan's house coz it was his BIRTHDAY! thanks Jomarc for fetching us last night! nice new car huh! :P I was happy to see my college friends there, namely: miggy, maki, deck, jomarc, barby, joel, carlo, val, yen, caloy and emon. I missed you all! Oh well, I got home at 1am.. Thanks Maki for driving me home.. :D

I just want to give some shout-outs to my friends online:
Dax, Maki, Kuya Mads, Marga, Carlo (kambal), TJ, joyce lopez, mervin, margie, and kuya monty... Hehe! it's 12:55 am already... Gotta go and sleep! uh? if I can sleep? hehehe! maybe later pa...

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Will it be Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo or Fernando Poe Jr.? O my!!! pls.. On my opinion, I would rather choose Ping Lacson. Kelangan ng di ganong mabait na presidente. Some people would think that if he wins, there will be a martial law, i dont think that will happen. In my case, I want him to win coz I'm really scared of snatchers. I want him to arrest all those people who does bad things. Talagang takot nako! Ping is capable naman eh... He's not bobo or anything. He's a PMAer... This country needs a disciplinarian!

Anyway, I was talking to Carlo and Kuya Bryan last night, and we were talking about the elections. Kuya Bryan said (in his opinion): "If FPJ wins, I bet there will be a protest from GMA's side. And If GMA wins, they would do the same thing" Haha! PILIPINO TALAGA!

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Thursday, May 06, 2004


Hehehe! Yesterday, I did something that made my mom really happy! hehehe! I fixed and cleaned my cabinet! Yehey, finally I had the time ti fix it up! She was like saying this almost everyday, "Atchie, fix your cabinet naman, arrange your clothes!" Finally, I made it! hehehe! Anyway, I just stayed at home yesterday. *cleaned my room~check out mah site~chat with UERM friends~talked with julio over the phone~texted with Bryan~ate ice cream~watched tv*

Later, I'll be busy editing my talk for the SADE Retreat, I'm not sure if I'm going to present this MAY, hopefully not! hehehe! I'm not ready yet... :) so I guess this is goodbye!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


I"ll quit! I'll leave my voice rehearsals for the recital... But I'll continue my lessons... I cant balance my church activities and student council meetings with the rehearsals anymore... I feel very very bad, coz I know that would be my last recital... So as they say, i need to give up one activity...

My friends usually asks me "wala ka nabang time para sa sarili mo?"
Maine: "meron naman."
Friends: "eh alis ka ng alis eh, puro activities, dika ba napapgod?"
Maine: "Napapagod, eh gusto ko naman eh, diba nga ayaw kong maging boring summer vacation ko. Kasi last summer ko na ito."
Friends: "goodluck nalang sayo!"
Maine: "Thanks ha!"

Hay, It's really hard to give up something you really like... SINGING is my passion! OMG, I hate it! But I have to be a responsible leader, I guess I really have to attend meetings... they're so important... Even church activities... God really helps me eh... I have to thank HIM!

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