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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Just came home from school... nagmamadali coz i wanna watch Sarah,, hehe! Corny ko noh! la lang... cute kasi ng story. anyway, naiinis ako kasi walang ink yung printer namin sa bahay, eh kelangan ko magprint ng pics for my report tomorrow. Eh etong GMAIL, nagloloko pati narin ang Yahoo! grrr... kung kelan mo kelangan, dun nawawala. Eh ang tanging solusyon lang sa problema ko na walang gastos ay yung printer ng mommy ko sa office niya. So kelangan isend ko pa sa email niya. Eh ang problema, ang bagal magsend, nag failed pa! anubayan! (patience charmaine, patience). Ginagalit ako. Hay... After 2 hours of waiting, na send din!!! ang tagal! kawawa naman mom ko sa office naghihintay. Pero umatend muna siya ng prayer meeting then babalik nalang siya sa office, tutal malapit lang naman. Buti nga di nagalit dad ko eh, kasi may pagka impatient yun. Haayy..

Ang informal ng entry ko noh? Wasted ako... Hmph, kala ko wala nang pasok tomorrow, mga taga CEBU lang pala wala! Sayang talaga. Thanks nga pala for those people na nagcomment, nag TAG and nagsign ng guestbook ko. Sige bye na... :(

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Monday, June 28, 2004

When we hear the word kabataan, we spontaneously think of young people in the prime of their life, active and on the go. On the contrary, when someone says, "Matanda na siya," we instinctively visualize our grandparents, seated peacefully at home, reading the newspaper or writing letters.

Youth is the stage in life when we discover our many abilities and talents, and strive to develop them. Our biological clocks keep on ticking; a single minute must not be lost because we are young only one in life.

I made a collage obviously. While I was doing this, I can't help but smile at myself. Thinking, "Ay tumatanda na pala ako." It constantly reminds me that my life is too precious to waste or take for granted. It shows in the picture that I just love to smile. And Fr. Orbos told me that when you smile, you appreciate God's creation. I'll share with you a similar story about THE FACE:

Liza owns a small store. At lunch after a meeting with her relatives, Liza was complaining, almost in a soliloquy that her business is not working, "hindi kumikita." She kept asking her sister why the customers were not attracted to their store, etc.etc. Her sister did not have the chance to speak but deep in her heart she felt like saying this, "Ate, just looking at your frowning face, I know why the people are not attracted to your store."

In other words, wag kang nakasimangot or magsungit kasi madali kang tatanda!

QUOTE: Never frown because you will never know if someone falls in love with your smile.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004


Waahh, I can't believe that I finally met Father Jerry Orbos last night. He was the priest presider for the Candle-Lighting Ceremony of the 3rd year Nursing Students. Grabe, he was so good in sharing his homily. Worth it talaga ang pagkuha sa kanya. He even brought his books para maibenta, and the money will go to the missionaries. It was a pleasure na ako yung assigned sa table para magbenta ng books niya. Later on, I was surprised coz he sat beside me. The people who bought the book had the chance to have his signature and blessing. Super daming bumili ng books niya, halos lahat ay bumili ng 1 set (4 books)! The books are all about his own experiences, simple anecdotes and his insights. Minsan nga may mga jokes pa eh! Sarap din niya kakwentuhan kasi he gave me pieces of advice about sa course ko and my relationship with God. In the end, I bought his latest book since we have the other books already and I asked him to sign. He did not just sign but he gave me a special dedication with his cellphone number. Hahaha! He told me that if I have concerns about anything, he is willing to help me in anyway that he can.

Eto pa ang nakakatouch na nangyari kagabi, binalik na kasi namin yung books sa van ni Father, edi umalis na kami, then I heard him say this: "Charmaine, thank you so much!" O diba? He remembered my name! Waahh! Masaya nako dun!

Taken last night, L-R: Prof. Galutira, Fr. Jerry and ME!

FYI: He was a missionary to Korea where he experienced a "eucharistic miracle" with a visionary. At present he is the Mission Director of SVD (Society of the Divine Word) Mission Philippines and his work is to foster mission awareness and raise funds to support Filipino SVD missionaries working in mission territories here and abroad.

MIRACLE: June 01, 1992 = a hotel in Rome; the Host changed into flesh and blood

He has written four books: Moments, Shared Moments, Simple Moments and Light Moments. Fr. Jerry writes a regular Sunday column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He shares the Word through Sunday TV mass on ABS-CBN every 2nd Sunday of the month and has a radio program, "Hello Father" on ZNN Veritas (846 AM Band), Mondays at 9 pm. He also gives talks, retreats and recollections.

So guys, buy the book na! You can even give it to your parents as a present. It's only 100 bucks!


Our health is really important lalo na sa panahon ngayon. We should really take care of ourselves and watch our diet as well. Earlier, we visited our 2 batchmates in the hospital. Yung isa, nilagnat at nagvovomit for 1 week maybe because of food poisoning, while the other one was operated in the appendicitis. 2 weeks ago, my friend Carlo suffered from tonsillitis (1 week). My friend Tim who suffered from flu followed it. This week lang my brother was sent to the hospital because of vomiting, high fever with colds and cough.

Thank God they are all well now. So guys you better take vitamins to keep you stronger. Drink lots and lots of water so that you'll not be dehydrated. God bless all of you!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Do you need a boy/girl friend now?

Really? Hahahaha! Yeah, I love to be loved in return, yes, I'm afraid to be alone, but I don't usually depend on others. I'm proud to say that I'm a good friend and I'm willing to help those in need. Another thing, I won't change even if i'm in a relationship. I'll still be the same...

Which [Mona Lisa Smile] characters are you?

Hehehe, right! galing ah! :D I love Julia Stiles and her character in the movie as well.

What's your usual [mood]?

I am? Hehehehe...

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Sunday, June 20, 2004


CONGRATULATIONS GRYFFINDOR 2004! You made it!!! Galing, TOP 2 sa BOARD EXAM! Wow! We really prayed hard for you guys! You did a great job! 98% of your batch passed! God is really good! You deserve such an honor. We'll see you real soon... CONGRATS! Proud ang buong UERM sa inyo!



A unique and precious being my own bestfriend and my own worst enemy.
A loveable and loving person capable of realizing my potential
Responsible for my own behavior

Learning from my mistakes

Creating a joyful life
And an important part of the universe


~ We just had our classes this morning, which was Human Anatomy and Physiology.
~ Marga and I ate at Tokyo Tokyo coz we were really very hungry!
~ Marga and I went to the Supermarket and bought Ilocos' Chichacorn (Cornik). Waahh. I'm craving for it...I don't know why.
~ Marga and I cleaned our office (Student Council Office) because it doesn't look like an office anymore! It looks like a storage room. Hahaha!


hey bloggers, a HAPPY FATHER's Day to your DAD! Make the most out of it, because this is his day...:) Oh by the way, here's my dad! :D

My dad is really cool! He loves us so much! He is a believer of God and willing to serve other people. He may be strict sometimes but I know that he wants the best for me. Especially now that I'm turning 18... :) I love you Dad!

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Thursday, June 17, 2004


We were dismissed early, so I went home immediately. It was our first meeting with one of our teachers in Human Anatomy and Physiology. And guess what? We have 5 teachers for that one subject, and they're all doctors. Wahh, and we have a reporting about Anatomical Positions on Saturday morning! Waaah! Since I'm not yet in the mood to read my report, I answered some personality tests...


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

Parang totoo ah! hehehehe! :D

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
You are Super-Cool!
Woah! Step back - the future's so bright for you it's blinding me! You are the coolest of the cool. Everyone looks up to you as the benchmark for being coooool. The fonze was your grandfather. Any cooler and you'd freeze! WOO it's chilly in here.
Cool quizzes at

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


1.Every Wednesday, we are scheduled half-day. Woohoo!
2.Finally, I met my Philippine Literature professor and said this, "Gagamitin natin ang sariling wika sa pag-aaral natin ng Panitikan!"
3.She was nice and seems approachable.
4.Our professor's handwriting is so cute! (Statistics)
5.I had a perfect score in our seatwork earlier. (Statistics)
6.I had a nice participation in class. (Phil. Lit, Statistics and Phil. History)
7.I saw my twin PAO, and my friend TIM.
8.I was the only one in class who brought a map for Phil. History.
9.I received an ASTERISK (*) at History = recitation.
10.We have new classmates, Frances (from trinity college) and Daniel. (UST)
11.Daniel is kinda cute - he looks like Joseph Yeo (DLSU).
12.I went home early and ate lunch at home.
13.I slept the whole afternoon until 5pm.
14.I chatted with few friends online, PAO, JUNJUN, JIGGY, KRINA, VEA, MARGA and DECK.
15.I have a new close friend (BESTBUD). I'm really comfortable talking with him. I don't know why... I have this feeling that I can really trust him. Hi Maki! Hehehe!
16.I saw my classmate in the Jolibee commercial ad. He was at the back of Sarah Geronimo and Mark Bautista.
17.I also saw my other friend in the Jolibee (autoload) commercial. He was one of the waiters.


1.Our professor in Statistics speaks so slowly. As in! He reminds me of "Kuya Cezar."
2.He gave us another homework! (Statistics)
3.I woke up and saw my friend or should I say my "ex-special someone," (he never became my bf though) TIMMYBOY Sta. Maria in a Soap Opera "Sarah the Teen Princess," knowing that he is now part of the main cast. He doesn't look good in his hair. (It's too long.) I'm Sorry. Honestly, I'm having a hard time forgetting him, (grrr!) he's my friend now (I know I shouldn't forget him) but memories of him make me feel bad.
4.JM (friend & classmate) loves to make "kulit" with us girls. Nangigigil. It is not funny anymore.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Been in school for 2 days already... twas fine, really fine, coz I finally saw my classmates and friends in school. Yes! But this day is really boring.. hehe! It was our Primary Health Care Subject earlier, and I met this old teacher (known as "terror teacher"). She was okay with me, and already knew my surname. I felt like we were close already coz after the class, I offered the OISHI potato chips that i was eating. And she said: "You know Ms. Clamor, this tastes good and more affordable than buying Lays or any expensive potato chips." I was like, "Yes Ma'am!" Hahaha! Oh by the way, we have this transferee student, and the teacher that I was telling you, asked me if I could introduce the transferee student to the whole class and I said, "Sssuuure, ma'aaammm!" Hahaha!

Lunchbreak came, my classmates and I ate at this carinderia near SM centerpoint. The carinderia is really popular for its specialty "SISIG!" Haha, it's more delicious than Dencio's sisig and even Gerry's grill sisig! and it's cheaper! Haha! After eating we went to SM Centerpoint, (Worlds of Fun) to enjoy! Marga and I played "dance mania" (another version of dance revolution using both hands). We were playing for like 30 mins straight and we got really addicted to it... Have you tried playing it? TRY IT! hehehe!

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Sunday, June 13, 2004


You got it right guys! It's better to give than to receive. The priest's homily was really interesting. It made me feel guilty about things like giving and receiving. He was asking us this question: "kaya mo bang maging available sa isang taong nangangailangan? Kaya mo bang magbigay ng meron ka?" Then I realized that God is always available whenever we need HIM. He always listens. He's willing to give up everything just for us. So it means, we should try to be like Him, kahit na konti makapagbigay tayo ng tulong sa iba. So, I gave 100 bucks to the church since I have no coins with me. And I know very well na kapag nagbigay ka ng konti, madaming babalik sayo. He also told us that we should share the blessings that God has given us. Don't think about this thing: "Pag nagbigay ako, edi ako naman ang mawawalan!" It's not true, God is not like that. In fact, He gives us more blessings when we help someone. He even asked us if we have read the book, "the purpose driven life" by Rick Warren, and I nodded. I remembered one line that really strucked me... "You were here BY His purpose and FOR His purpose."


While waiting for other SADERS... In front of UST HOspital..

Jiggy, Kuya Donnie, Maine, TJ, Camille and Kim

Ate Ara, G, Lance, Maine, Kuya Donnie, TJ, Camille and Kim

RaP'S HOUSE - Maine, G, Rap, JP, Don, Kim, and Juls

Hala sige, enjoy lang RAP!

The Roxas Family: Juls, JP and Don.. with KUya Donnie's cellphone.. haha!

Ray-an, Vea, Beng, Lance, Jason, and Janvin

Yuck ang pangit ng kuha ko!

Wow naks! ang cute!

Barkada pic!

Rap, what's happening to you?!

enjoy na enjoy ah!

angelo, beng, ray-an, and jason

hehehe.. baliktad noh??? ayusin nalang ulit... bye!

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Saturday, June 12, 2004


Yeah! I am back! Sorry guys, I was not able to blog for 5 days. I have been so busy with school works particularly with the Nursing Student Council. These past few days, we were in school preparing for the big event that happened last June 9-11. It was the FRESHMEN ORIENTATION. It is a big event coz the students, administration, faculties, and staff want to welcome the freshmen of 2004. How many were they? They were 340 students! Wow! In our batch, we were like 277 students (1st sem), but now, we are only 262. Awww, because they didn't pass the nursing cut-off grade.

I was so tired these days because I was the Chairman of the Registration Committee. Imagine, all nursing students from 1st year- 4th year, have to register. And yes, they were required to attend the Freshmen Orientation. And if they do not attend, they have to pay P500 and if late, P200. The Nursing Student Council and the Faculty are very strict on this matter. Anyway, being tired paid-off because we have our free food. Hehe. Plus, I was working with great leaders. All committee members and of course, the student council, we did a JOB WELL DONE. We had positive feedbacks from the parents and from the students. Yey!

I had a nice exposure pala last Freshmen Orientation. I was the Commentator of the mass and I sang a song for them. That was my moment! Hahahaha.


Happy Birthday to my dear friend RAP! Haha, you are 18 na! waaahh! May you have more birthdays to come. God bless you! See you later...


I cannot believe that I will be in 2nd year college already. Wow! Time runs really fast. I miss my school, friends and some teachers. Classes will start on Monday, I am getting excited and at the same time getting nervous. The subjects are getting harder and harder. Umm, I just want to share with you my subjects this semester:

Philippine Literature - 3 units
Basic Statistics - 3 units
Health Ethics - 3 units
Human Anatomy and Physiology - 5 units
Primary Health Care I (Theory) - 4 units
Philippine History - 3 units
Euthenics I - 1 unit
P.E 3 - 2 units

We have this batch last year that just graduated, when they were in 1st year, they were like 100+ and when they graduated they were less than 50 students and Grabe noh? I hope I will be able to pass this semester. I need prayers... Kasi habang tumatagal ang batch mo sa UERM, pakonti ng pakonti. Hay... kakatakot...

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Monday, June 07, 2004


ok,you guys. i got this from vea's blog and she got this from deslite's..feel free to answer them. this is sort of like a before-the-new-schoolyear-starts request. use my comment box below (sings a song) so here goes...

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When was the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your weblog and see what I say about you?

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Sunday, June 06, 2004


Yesterday was the 70th birthday of my Lola Cora. We had a mini-celebration last night. Her friends and of course our relatives came over too. I can say that she is my closest grandmother (father side) because I basically grew up with her. She used to take care of us when mom and dad are out of town. You maybe wondering how old she looks like. Hmm... she does not look old. Really... If you happen to see her, you will be shocked! My grandma really loves to wear make-up, accessorize herself, wear pastel color clothes, do her manicure & pedicure and dye her hair. Mas kikay pa sakin! Hehehehe. I really love her because she is so caring, thoughtful and sweet, even though sometimes she is becoming too noisy. Dakdak ng dakdak! Hehehehe. She often asks me at night, "Did you brush your teeth? Did you take a bath? Do you have classes tomorrow?" Then if I said, "I haven’t brushed my teeth," she will tell me "Go brush your teeth, and wash your face so that you’ll be fresh in bed." She is indeed a caring and loving person. I love you Lola.

Super delicious cake! (by Estrells)

The guests of my grandma – she’s wearing Orange!

My two cute (daw) cousins… Em and Tim (father’s side)

Nico and Joshua with Yaya Erning


Yesterday also was the 16th birthday of my dear cousin, Carlo. He is an incoming first year student in my school, taking up Nursing. Yehey! This guy really makes me smile all the time. He has this unique sense of humor. And mind you, he is a hottie! He is a basketball player, swimmer, and billiard player and knows how to do taekwondo (black belter-varsity of Don Bosco). I will post pictures soon. Promise.


Our youth organization (SADE), had an outing last night until this afternoon. It was held inside Solemar Del Pansol Subdivision, Pansol, Laguna. Since, it was my Lola's birthday last night, we were not able to attend, but we went to follow them this morning after hearing mass. When we arrived there, I was glad to see them again. (the people in the pictures below, sila rin yan!) I immediately wore my swimsuit on and head on to the pool. It was so fun, but we were not complete. Awww... too bad. Anyway, we still have our next time. I guess we will see each other on the first Friday of July in UST. :P

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Saturday, June 05, 2004


Yey! Finally, I had the time to blog again. Ive been pre-occupied with the student council meetings, my spiritual organization and voice lessons. Whew! I have a lot of things to share with you. Oh my, how will I start?


Last May 29 and 30, we had our Kipping family outing that was held in Laguna. I really had a great weekend. Iba parin pag kasama ang buong pamilya. Oh anyway, I enjoyed night swimming and I didnt care if I have colds. Me-an was right, I should just enjoy the weekend. And I did! Well aside from swimming, I also had fun singing. There was videoke! I felt like I was having concert that time coz I sang like 15 songs?! Hahaha! Oh well, I didnt swim the next day coz I didnt want to get a tan. Hahaha!

Rika, tito michael, lance and paolo

Maine and Carlo – Partners in Kulitan

Lance and Vicka (cousin)

my brother and my cousin carlo - having their concert in Laguna…

Kipping family's swimming team! – Maine, Rika (cousin), Lance (brother), Paolo (cousin)

Lance, Tito Michael, Vicka, Maine, Rika and Paolo

Eating time! Left side: Ninang Ita, Tita Caroline, Maine, Nico and Yaya Nova
Right side: Tito Toyet and Joshua

Ang mga makukilit na pinsan, ayaw matulog! - Nikki, Xandie, Gabriel and Tita Idette

Atchie Maine and Vicka


Remember that I told you I was gonna sing at the Don Bosco Church last Tuesday? Well, it turned out to be so fine! My friends said I did great! Though my knees and both hands were really shaking, I just told myself that I was doing it not for the people around me, but for the LORD!


Yesterday, Vea, Kristel, Lance, Janvin and I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Greenbelt 3. The movie was fine but there were so many missing parts. Kakainis talaga! Ive read the book kasi, thats why I know what was missing in the movie. Most of the important events that happened in the book were not there. It wasnt explained well. Aww… too bad… HP3 is really my favorite among all HP books. Anyway, Harry's so cute there! I mean handsome! Ron's got a muscle already! hahaha! I hate Draco's hair. Hermione's really pretty! Crab and Goyle grew a lot! The new Dumbledore was okay. Professor Trelawny was not what I expected. She's old already and yet in the movie she looked young. My favorite parts there were the Time Turner, Marauder's Map, and when Harry fought the dementors.

Although, we enjoyed! Hahaha! 2 hours before the movie, we went to Timezone, We just played Dance Mania, Dance Revo, basketball and the gun thingy… Haha! When you watch in Greenbelt 3, you get 2 free games at Timezone, but you have to add Php20. I really had a great time with them and I cant wait to see the next movie that we will watch. I want to watch YOU GOT SERVED, SPIDERMAN 2, MEAN GIRLS, CATWOMAN, GARFIELD, THE NOTEBOOK, POLAR EXPRESS, DAWN OF THE DEAD AND LADYKILLERS. There are a lot of good movies this year… wow! Cant wait!


Yesterday also was my last day of voice lessons… Aww.. I will miss Teacher Deo… I will really miss him… He is really cool, down-to-earth and super nice. He has been a supportive teacher and a friend too. He brings out the best in me, coz when he gives me a song and I know that the notes are high, I will not accept it. But still, he keeps on telling me that I can do it. “Kayang-kaya mo yan, sisiw lang yan sayo!” I felt really happy about it na lalo kong ginanahan… Hey teacher deo, Thanks for everything.. (He knows my site!) See you next summer! :D

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