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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


My brother is sick! He was brought to the hospital earlier and he was admitted. Poor him, he gets sick always... Please help me pray for him. Umm, actually, I also have colds right now. It's been a week narin... Hay... I think because of the change of weather. I've been preventing myself from having a fever, I take Multivitamins, I bring water in school (I should at least drink 4 bottles a day) and I bring an umbrella with me! Mas masama maambonan kesa maulanan... That's what my grandma told me.  

I remembered one incident when I was in highschool. It was drizzling that time and I was with my bestfriend. I had my own umbrella and she didn't bring hers. I shared my umbrella, but she said, "Wag na, ambon lang yan!" I told her, "ano kaba mas masama maambonan, sige ka magkakasakit ka nyan!" The next day, I found out that she was sick. I visited her and said "Ayan kasi, ayaw makinig sakin, ambon LANG pala ha!"

From that experience, I see to it that I have my umbrella with me. I learned that we should really take care of our health. MAHAL MAGKASAKIT!
PICS! UPDATED! Saders, College friends, Family pics

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Sunday, July 25, 2004


Yipee! I'm back! I really missed blogging here! Wah! It's been a week! How are you guys? Bet you're all okay... but me? I had a stressful week... I've been reviewing for these past few days for our Preliminary Exam Week. Last Friday nga, I only slept for 4 hours because I had to study the most difficult subject we have, which is Anatomy and Physiology. Oh well, it all paid off because I know that I'm gonna pass all the exams! Yipee!

I uploaded new pics at these sites: HIGHSCHOOL FRIENDS, COLLEGE FRIENDS, SADERS, FAMILY and MY PICS... do visit it ok... thanks!

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

SELF-CONTROL = Not blogging for 1 week! Preliminary exams!!!
1. Thou shall not use the internet except for school purposes. (Am I allowed to check my blog?)
2. Thou shall not use the telephone except for school purposes.
3. Thou shall review if there is free time. Time is gold.
4. Thou shall stay in the library to study instead of staying in the CYBER library.
5. Thou shall be back blogging after 1 week! HEHE!
My studies are becoming more complicated now. Especially now, that I'm in 2nd yr college. Nursing is not an easy course, you have to really learn to love it before you can become a real NURSE. It was not easy for me to love my course since I'm really into MUSIC. But now, I realized that God has a purpose for this, He knows that in this course, I will be able to do my mission, and that is to SERVE and HELP people. Nursing is CARING. So it means, we're dealing with persons. LIFE. Studying about MAN, its functions, or let's just say everything about the humans is really hard.
We are taking up Anatomy and Physiology and this is the most difficult subject we have because we're talking about the structures of the human body, the relationship among structures and the functions of the body parts (how the body parts work). It's really hard, dinagdagan pa ng palpak-teaching style ng mga teachers ko! Oh how I wish God would give me extra wisdom!
RUSS: I'll be writing about my Snatcher Theory soon... Sorry...
BLOGGERS: Hope you’ll still give me comments sa "songs" Thanks!
Umm, Check out my new pics alright? (left side, click on the LINKS under PICTURES GALORE!) Although it needs improvement pa... I'll miss you all! Mwah! Godbless! 

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Friday, July 16, 2004


I saw this bag at the Landmark, and I found it really cheap. Wow! The colors are adorable and I know that it's matibay. Plus, the snatchers won't get attracted on my bag because I have this theory that snatchers aren't into colored bags or flowery bags. Based from my experience and my friend's experiences, usually snatchers want small bags, black leather bags or backpacks.
Hehe. Paranoid!
ANYWAY... My dad is ok now. I visited him in the hospital a while ago.  He'll be back here on Sunday! Thanks for the prayers guys! Mwah!
I'll be watching MR. NOAH'S BIG BOAT tomorrow at the Music Museum. It's TRUMPETS new project and Gary V. will be a part of the play. Can't wait!

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Thursday, July 15, 2004


It is known to be an inflammation of the appendix. Typically, appendicitis begins with referred pain in the umbilical region of the abdomen, followed by anorexia (loss of appetite), nausea and vomiting. After several hours, the pain localizes in the right lower quadrant and is continuous, dull or severe, and intensified by coughing, sneezing or body movements. Early appendectomy (removal of the appendix) is recommended because it is safer to operate than to risk rupture (breaking or bursting).

Daddy, yes, my dad... He was operated this morning. They removed his appendix because of appendicitis. I feel so sad because he has been complaining about his stomach last night pa. He's admitted now in the hospital and hopefully, makauwi na after 3 days. Hay... Please help me pray for him. Thanks!


I need to go and review now; we have a quiz on Statistics. Wish me luck guys! And oh, just would like to share with you that I am exempted on the graded recitation on Philippine History tomorrow! :D

Thanks for reading this boring blog... Godbless! :D

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004



The Stylish Slide-up Design Phone

As you take the SGH-D415 out of your pocket and lift it to your face, the
mobile phone's cover will slide-up, converting it into a full-size phone.
Just these few seconds are enough to catch the eyes of people around you. The SGH-D415, an elegant mobile phone for consumers who continually seek new designs with cutting-edge features.

Ease of Use

Slide-type phones are gaining popularity with their efficiency, because they do not require distinct opening and closing movements for use.
Also, they are compact when closed but still have the wide display and large keypad. This novel category is sure to create a sensation among consumers

VGA Camera

Equipped with a VGA digital camera to give you high picture quality.
Smarten up your documents with eye-catching images you've captured with your mobile phone.

180° Rotating Lens

The unique 180-degree rotating lens enables you to shoot from every angle by simply turning the lens. Take self-portraits by pointing the high-picture-quality camera lens at yourself while checking how you look on the screen.


You can shoot up to 15 consecutive pictures in high-speed mode or up to 9 pictures in the normal speed mode, so you won't miss the best shot.
Select the best images to keep from those pictures, or keep all of them!

64 Polyphonic Ringtones

When the SGH-D415 rings it will attract the ears and eyes - of everyone around you. Increase the excitement of owing this unique phone with its clear and vivid ringtones that help you stand out in the crowd with your own original sounds. The SGH-D415 allows you to select a variety of sound effects, for key tones, message alerts, opening or closing the cover, and turning the phone on and off. Making phone calls will be more fun with its unique keypad tones.

High Resolution 262144 Pixels

The 262144 color display offers you advanced quality and richer images than compared to the brightness and clarity of conventional displays.
Enjoy brilliant, sharper, graphics.

Fun & Entertainment

MMS, developed from SMS, enables you to send multimedia messages with
a combination of text, voice, music and images to MMS-capable mobile phones.
You can receive and send messages of up to 100KB and store up to a total of 1MB.
Discover a brand new way of enjoying multimedia communication.

Enjoy 4 pre-installed games or download JAVA applets to broaden your mobile
phone usage. 4 JAVA games, Bubble Smile, Fun2Link, Ultimate Golf Challenger,
and Mobile Chess are already installed on the SGH-D415 for your pleasure.
The JAVA capabilities lets you download programs you need of up to 850KB from a
wide variety of JAVA applets such as games, travel information, etc. from various Websites.

I was talking to my classmate earlier and she said that her mom bought this phone and it was so cool! Super ganda ng resolution! Waahh! I just hope I have money to be able to buy that phone... But then, I don't wanna replace my 3650, sayang mga pics and messages.

Anyway, I just would like to greet my twin Pao, it's his birthday today! Happy Birthday kimpao! Sorry about what happened this morning...

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Sunday, July 11, 2004


Had fun last night with Rap, my brother Lance, Juls, JP, Janvin and Don. We went to Makati and watched a movie. Obviously, I was the only girl in the group! Haha! I thought Vea was gonna come with us, so we just met up in Glorietta because she was with her mom. At first, we were supposed to watch Spiderman 2, since my brother and Rap haven't watched it yet. But the lines in G1 and G4 were too long and the seats on the time we want were occupied! Even in Greenbelt 3! I will really sign up on so that we could reserve the seats we want.

We agreed to watch Mean Girls coz we all heard that the movie is good. And yeah it was good! Lindsay Lohan (Caty Heron) was really pretty and sexy! I like her better than Hillary Duff... Jonathan Bennett(Aaron Samuels) was super hot! He's so cute! Waah!

Okay enough of that... I really had a great time with them last night. I didn't think that I'd be enjoying their company. We chilled out for a while after the movie and had a laughing conversation with them! Hehehe! Laughing conversation??? Never mind!

I've known Rap since highschool but Juls, JP, Janvin, and Don, just last summer. I thought they were unapproachable and mahirap pakisamahan but then I was wrong. Thanks to the movie we watched, we were able to bond and get to know each other well. It's true that we should never judge a person by his physical appearance. Even if he has vices. I learned that I should accept them as persons and be thankful that God has given me an opportunity to get to know them well. Remember that there's no such thing as perfect and that we have different personalities...

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Naiinis ako!

Naiinis ako sa sarili ko!
Naiinis ako sa mga taong makikitid ang utak!
Naiinis ako sa mga taong di marunong umintindi ng nararamdaman ng iba!
Naiinis ako sa mga kaibigan kong may sari-sarili ng mundo...
Naiinis ako sa mga taong tinetake for granted ang buhay nila...
Naiinis ako sa mga taong di marunong tumanaw ng utang na loob!
Naiinis ako sa mga taong kala mo mga hari at reyna kung umasta...
Naiinis talaga ako sa sarili ko!
Naiinis ako sa cellphone ko, hindi kasi tumutunog! (walang nagtetext!)
Naiinis ako sa mga taong tinext ko na hindi nagrereply...
Naiinis ako sa mga nakikita kong magboyfriend at girlfriend na sweet! (inis or inggit?!)
Naiinis ako sa sarili ko kasi parang nahihirapan akong magmahal ulit...
Naiinis ako sa sarili ko dahil ang gulo lagi ng nararamdaman ko!

Kung may natamaan man, pasensiya na po! Gusto ko lang mailabas ang nararamdaman ko. Pagod nako magsuot ng maskara...

Miss ko...

Miss ko yung mga kulitan ng highschool barkada ko...
Miss ko yung kantahan naming magkakaibigan...
Miss ko ng magperform...
Miss ko na ang mga SADERS...
Miss ko na ang mga kaibigan kong matagal ko nang di nakikita...
Miss ko na ang feeling na kinikilig!
Miss ko na ang feeling na may nagmamahal sakin...

* Ano ba to! Andrama ko talaga! Pasensiya na po ulit... Kahit anong iwas mo pala sa mga bagay na ito, yung pagiging busy ko, maalala't maalala mo parin pala itong mga ito!

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Monday, July 05, 2004


I'm so happy today! I got 35/40 in Phil. Lit. Quiz and 49/50 in Phil. History Quiz. Thanks for those who wished me luck! Thanks a lot!

Yey! I finally saw my twin a while ago! Haven't seen him for like a week?! Hehe..

I'll try to blog later, I still have to do my Primary Health Care Homework! feel na feel ko na ang pagiging nurse! Hehehe!

Last na: add my 2nd friendster account:

Thanks! Godbless! mwah!

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Had classes a while ago... SUBJECT: Anatomy and Physiology, TIME: 8-12:30. Waah, We just had a long experiment and a surprise quiz! Waahhh! I hate surprise quizzes! Lahat ng pinagaralan namin hindi lumabas sa quiz! Grrr... I hate it! Buti nalang marami naman akong nasagot kahit papano. I got frustrated... I mean, WE ALL got frustrated. :(

I need to chill out! I ate sisig with 2 orders of rice! Hehehe! I watched Spiderman at SM Centerpoint and I was with my 2 friends. I had to go back to school because we still have our council meeting at 5pm. Whew! I guess I have to say goodbye now... I have to do my homeworks and review for a quiz on Monday. Wish me luck! Godbless! Mwah!

*I wanna say thanks to the bloggers who always give me comments! Liz and Vea, THANKS! mwah!

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Thursday, July 01, 2004


Hay nako, andami ng kamalasan ang nangyari sakin itong week na to! ewan ko ba! Pero I know God has a reason behind it. Imagine, about the last entry I told you, nasend nga yung email, hindi naman ma retrieve ng mom ko! badtrip! It was 9pm already. So I decided to go to a computer rental near our house. When I got there, I handed my diskette, di naman mabuksan! Ano ba to! So I went home again to check the diskette, when I came back sa computer rental, close na! waaahh! Parang nawalan nako ng gana ayusin report ko, I was crying already. (Ganun ako kababaw) basta pag schoolwork, iniiyakan ko! hahaha! I dont wanna present something na hindi ako ready. Gusto ko laging maganda at presentable ang report ko. Hayy.. Buti nalang naisip kong ipaprint sa friend ko, hay! Sa totoo lang, nahihiya kasi ako humingi ng favor. (Kinapalan ko lang mukha ko!) hehe!

The next day, report day na! I was the last reporter of our group, so I prepared my materials na. Sa kamalasan nanaman, antagal magreport nung isa kong groupmate, inabutan kami ng time! Wah! Grrr! Edi hindi ako nakapagreport! Sayang lang yung pagod, luha, oras ko! Imbis na nakapagaral ako ng anatomy eh. Hmmm.. bukas na ulit ako magrereport sa Phil. Lit., wish ko lang matuloy na. Grabe noh?

Kanina naman, dapat may quiz kami sa anatomy and physiology, so todo aral ako kagabi, I had 3 references. Super kapal nun at super bigat. Tapos hindi natuloy! Sayang mga pinagaralan ko. Hindi rin natuloy meeting namin with the student council! Pero ok lang din...

Ang informal parin ng entry ko... Bawi ako... :D Hope you'll still give comments! Take care! Godbless!

WAIT: Pls. pray for my friend's grandpa, di pa kasi gumigising since Saturday. Kakaawa.. Because of heart attack! Prayers guys! Please..

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