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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

WHEN TO LET GO --->got this from a friend... enjoy reading!

Imagine this: in your hand is a very precious creation, so fragile, so valuable that if you keep on holding, it would either stay or fall apart. But you loved this creature so much, so much that letting it go would be like letting go of your life as well. So much that sometimes you wished it would be there forever. So much that you tend to be selfish at times so as you could make it stay for as long as you like. Don't we all wish something "so good" could be forever? Don't we all hope that happiness is there to stay?

There comes a time in our lives when we chance upon someone "so nice" and "almost perfect" and we just find ourselves getting so intensely attracted to that person (sometimes without even realizing it). This feeling soon become a part of our everyday lives and eventually guzzles our thoughts and actions to the extent that we tagged it as one of those "too good to be true" thing.

The sad part there is when we begin to realize that, this particular person feels totally nothing but friendship. A "thing" that would be forever a "thing" nothing more, nothing less... Just a thing! You're just a friend, and that's the fact! Then in our desperate attempt to get closer (or at least be noticed), our efforts are still futile and we end up sorry for ourselves. One person said, never ever let your heart run your life, as much as you can, always be sensible and let your mind speak for itself. Try to listen not merely on what your feelings is invoking on you as a person but more importantly listen to reason as well.

Letting go of someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop loving, it only means that you allow that person to find his own happiness without expecting him to come back. Letting go is not just setting the other person free (in the real sense of it), but it is also setting yourself free form all animosity, revulsion and resentment that was long kept in your heart. You have to let go because the bitterness often puts away the strengths and weakens the littlest hope, making our lives more miserable than ever. Worst, presenting yourself as the "most affected one" sets the nastiest impression of all time--whatta loser!

The trick there is... Always remember that if you lose someone today, it means that someone better is coming tomorrow.

If you lose love that doesn't mean that you failed in love... right? Just regard it as another mismatch of heaven! Well, you can cry of course, or whine or shout (growl even) if you have to, but make sure that after those outbursts you have washed away the hurt and the bitterness that the past has left with you (easy said than done I know!).

We can all survive with just beautiful memories of the past but real peace and happiness come only with open acceptance of what reality is today. You really don't have to forget someone you love (cause it's hard). What we need to learn is how to accept the verdict of reality without being bitter or sorry for what we have become. I think it's better that we give off that dedication and love to someone more deserving. Hmmm... "Who could it be" is the next interesting question to ponder. Let go of yesterday and love will find its way back to you. And when it does, pray hard that it may be the love that will stay and last a lifetime.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

On STEALING... WARNING: this is long but worth reading! I tell you...

Stealing - an act of getting something without permission
The Person: also known as "Snatcher"
Places he usually go (hangout): Dimmed areas on the Metro; Quiapo, Divisoria, University Belt, Jeepneys, Buses, and FXs
Usual time of doing the act: from 3 pm until 5 am
Brings with him his: knife (whether big or small); large backpack, guns and some friends to help him steal
His appearance: maybe clean or untidy looking, dirty nails, wears cap
His actions: rolling of his eyeballs, stares at you all the time, acts like a drug-user
What he usually steals: Cellphone, money, jewelries or the whole bag

I made this based on my own experience. The snatchers had 3 attempts of stealing my things already. Luckily, kahit isa wala pa silang nakuha sakin...

1st scenario:

On our way home from UERM, I was with my 2 girl-friends. We decided to ride a jeep since there was no FX at all. Yung sinakyan namin, pa-Divisoria, since dadaan siya sa Legarda, kung saan kami malapit nakatira. Nung sinakyan namin yun jeep, wala pang passengers, in short, kaming 3 yung una. Nakaupo kami sa may dulo, lapit sa pinto. Si Rhina at si Barby ang magkatabi sa isang side at katapat ko sila, wala akong katabi! Pagdaan ng SM Centerpoint, madaming sumakay, puno na, then there was this guy who suddenly sat beside Barby. I wasn't scared pa, but when he kept on looking at Barby, I immediately started a conversation. While we were having a conversation, I was observing the guy. The clothes he wore were clean, his eyes were red and his nails were dirty. Then, he didn't even lean on the window. He kept on looking at Barby's nameplate. Di pa talaga siya mapakali. May kutob nako pero I didn't mind it. After 10 minutes of traveling, naglabas na siya ng knife, telling Barby to give him her bag (Barby's bag was a small black leather bag). Barby was telling the snatcher this: "Manong, bibigay ko na lahat ng pera ko wag lang yung bag ko!" The snatcher said: "wag kang maingay!" I was speechless, I couldn't move. I looked at Rhina, we were about to go down, nakalagay na yung paa namin sa hagdanan ng jeep. But the snatcher said, "subukan niyong bumaba, masasaktan kayo!" Nung narealize niyang narinig na ng ibang pasahero na ninanakawan na kami, tumayo siya at biglang kinuha yung bag ni Rhina (dark green small backpack). Nakipagagawan pa si Rhina pero tinutukan na siya ng knife kaya binigay narin niya. Pagkabigay niya, bumaba kami agad tapos hinabol namin, ang bilis! Hanggang di na namin siya mahanap. We were shocked, sobrang nanginginig na naiyak kaming lahat! Nakuha yung cellphone niya, wallet, projects etc! Pagdating namin sa house ni Barby, tumawag yung snatcher kay Barby kasi natandaan yung name niya sa nameplate. Rhina was begging na ibalik yung project kahit wag na yung cellphone (7210). The snatcher didn't answer and turned off Rhina's cellphone. -END-

2nd Scenario:

Galing akong immersion sa Antipolo with my classmates. Sumakay nanaman kami ng jeep na Divisoria from Cubao since madami naman kami. Nakaupo nanaman ako sa may pinto ng jeep. Bumaba yung mga classmates ko sa UERM, naiwan kami ng 2 kong classmates na bababa sa V. Mapa. Before pa sila bumaba, there was this guy na tingin ng tingin sakin. I told my classmate, "Dan, natatakot ako!" May kutob nako... Nung bumaba na sila, wala nakong katabi, kasi ayaw umusog sa tabi ko yung girl na katabi ng classmate ko. Tumabi sakin yung guy, sa sobrang takot ko at paranoid kasi may kinukuha siya sa bulsa niya, BUMABA ako! Wala akong pakielam kung magbayad ako ulit. I know na talagang snatcher yun. Hay...

3rd scenario: same din ang nangyari kaso sa FX naman... bumaba ako kasi paranoid narin ako sa lahat ng lalaking kakaiba ang kilos at mukha...


-->Never ride a jeep full of guys.
-->Always be aware of your surroundings.
-->Check all the persons inside the jeep.
-->Always bring a pepper spray.
-->Never expose your cellphone, put it in a silent mode.
-->Don't place your phone inside your bag. Place it somewhere na hindi mahahalata ng snatcher. For boys: inside your socks, if you are wearing pants. For girls: in between your breasts, inside the bra. (suggestion of my friend-it's effective)
-->Don't bring big wallets, a small purse will do. Big wallets can attract snatchers.
-->Hide some of your money inside your socks, shoes etc, in case they got your wallet. Para may extra money ka.
-->Don't wear clothes that you'll look rich, simple lang especially pag lagi lang nagcocommute.
-->Always scream, kasi may mga tao sa paligid mo na pwede ka tulungan. Pero in our case, walang tumulong.
-->If you don't have pepper spray, use your umbrella or any sharp objects like ballpen.
-->Don't walk like you're in a procession.
-->Don't go to places na masisikip especially pag backpack ang gamit mo kasi madaling buksan.
-->IMPORTANT: PRAY before leaving and during traveling! Super powerful! I do that all the time.


Snatchers are more attracted on leather bags, especially pag small, black or dark colored ang bags. Kaya mga bags ko big and super colorful, with flowers on it. Kasi pag nilagay nila sa backpack nila yun, hindi magkakasya. Or pag ninakaw nila yun na wala silang backpack na dala, halatang magnanakaw sila kasi dala nila bag na pang-girl. Hehe!

***HINDI PA GAWA ANG LRT NUNG TIME NA YAN, LAST SEMESTER LANG YAN..." Kaya ngayon, pag wala akong kasabay pauwi, LRT ako.

Thanks for reading! :)

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Sunday, September 19, 2004


Have you ever wondered why a male dog lifts one of its hind legs while urinating? For self-defense!

According to a legend, a dog once urinated on a wall and the wall collapsed! He was lucky to have survived, and so he spread the word to his fellow dogs to make sure that they protect themselves from any wall, post, or tree by lifting up a hind leg while urinating.

And so to this very day, this lesson learned is passed on from one dog generation to another.


16th - VEA! I really enjoyed your celebration last night! Too bad I have a lot of things to do that's why I wasn't able to come with you guys at Club 5. I'm just so happy, now that you're a lady! Always remember this song: When you wake up each morning and you feel like calling, I'll be there for you. When the room seems uncertain and you can't stop the hurting, I'll be there for you. When there's no one beside you, I'll be there to guide you, catch you each time you fall. When the stars won't shine anymore, I'll be there... Thanks for being my "BESTEST" (Vea's own vocabulary) Girlfriend! I love you!

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19th - DADDY! Happy Birthday dad! You are the best dad in the whole universe! Thanks for fetching me yesterday! I bought him a shirt... and he loved it! *sigh* I love you!


--> It's really hard being a nursing student. You really need to focus and study all the time. It's so sad that sometimes I can't be with my family and friends every time they wanna go out coz I'm either tired that I need to rest or study for an exam. But I always make it a point that I should have at least little time for them. Having an everyday dialogue with God makes me really strong, I know He wants the best for me. In my singing career, He knows that I really love singing, even if before I gave it up just to attend to my studies. I know He will make a way for me to be able to sing again.

--> It was nice meeting Kuya Kenzo, Martin, Francis, and Kevin last night! Kuya Kenzo, too bad you weren't able to dance with us coz you left early eh. Next time ok? Martin, let's go and dance again, I enjoyed! Francis, finally we've met! Kevin, thanks a lot for your offer, I'll find time ok.

-->We saw Japoy (Taekwondo boy in the commercial of MILO) in Greenbelt last night, he's cute, small and looked so gay in his outfit. Sorry...

-->I feel sad for Vea because she just turned 18 and the guards of this certain bar didn't allow her to enter. Sorry Rap, baby-faced kasi kami eh!

-->I need prayers... We have an exam tomorrow and a Return Demonstration Part 2 on Tuesday! I don't wanna fail... thanks!

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Sunday, September 12, 2004


Congratulations Univerity of Santo Tomas Salinggawi Dance Troupe for winning the UAAP Cheerdance Competition for 3 consecutive years! You guys did a great job! My bet actually was UP. But when I was watching the UST Pep Squad, I said to myself, "ah, sila parin mananalo!" They always have surprises, great dance moves and nice routine! You are unbeatable! Congratulations! And oh, I admire the school spirit of the UST Students. You guys cheered so well with matching body movements!

Congrats also to UP Pep Squad for winning the 2nd place and for the FEU Pep Squad as well! To all schools who participated, you guys did a great performance. It was worth watching. Take care bloggers! :D

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9/11 and 9/12

I won't forget these dates! So many things happened...

-->We were able to watch THE NOTEBOOK yesterday! I found the movie really nice and super touching. I was with my 12 classmates. 3 couples were a part of our group, that made me really INGGIT! (sana ako din may kasama!) Grabe, I was able to concentrate on the movie! Nasa dulo pako, ayun I was really touched in the movie, I cried... Hahaha!

-->Had a Student Council Meeting with other class officers of the College of Nursing. We called for a meeting for the preparation of our Sportsfest that will be held at the Marikina Sports Complex on October 18-21.

-->He called!!! hahaha! Yes!!! diko na talaga namalayan yung time! until 4am magkausap parin kami! super saya! walang dead-air... mas nakilala ko na talaga siya! Crush palang talaga! ;D

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Friday, September 10, 2004


I'm back! Hell week is over! I wasn't updating coz of so many things. This is a torture week! We had so many written exams, oral and practical exams. Makes me want to shift to different course already... really... I hate being this busy. I can't even sleep well. 4-5 hours lang... Kaya lalo kong pumapayat. Is nursing really like this? Or it is just the school or the professors? Gaah...

We just had our 1st part of Return Demonstration, which is a part of our practical exam. Wherein, lahat ng skills na tinuro ng professors, gagawin namin in return. You will be the one to explain what are the findings of the patient, you should know the rationale why you are doing such things and you should know the right principles. Our RETDEM is all about Physical Assessment, where you will check and test all body parts from head to toe. So they divided it into 8 modules: General Assessment (physical appearance of the patient, locating the different pulse sites), Vital Signs (Respiration Rate, Pulse Rate, Temperature and Blood Pressure), Head to Neck, Thorax and Lungs (Breathing Patterns etc), Cardiovascular Assessment (listen to the sound of your heart using different pulse sites), Abdominal (Liver, Kidney etc), Breast Exam and Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Assessment (test for sensation, body coordination and Reflexes).

I'm done with 3 modules already and these are the grades that I got: General Assessment (1.5), Head and Neck (3.00) and Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Assessment. (4.00 – Half ng class namin, bagsak dito!) Yikes, baba noh? 1 bagsak! Well, it's really difficult. While you are assessing the patient, you have to manage your time, 10 mins is the allotted time for assessing.

In order for me to have good grades, I should be able to explain the right findings very well, explain why I'm doing these tests, have a time management, at diko dapat makalimutan ang right routine for assessing. One mistake=MINUS! Gaah, tuloy na yung iba sa Thursday! We need to pass! Grabe, I feel lucky pa nga coz 1 palang bagsak ko, yung iba 3 modules bagsak na! Ganon talaga siya kahirap. Kahit na sobrang practice na ginawa mo with your partner, pagdating sa mismong assessment, nervous kana, dami pang tinatanong ng professor, minsan ma-memental block kapa! Bawi ako talaga!

I need your prayers. I need it. Thanks!

Hirap talaga ng Nursing, di ko na naaasikaso ang debut ko, student council, di narin ako nakakaattend ng reunion ng organization namin at minsan nalang ako makapagblog dahil sa series of tests namin. Hay... Pero naiisip ko parin ang crush ko! Hahaha! Para naman di ako mabulok sa kaka-aral. Hirap nga but when you think of the outcome pag nakatapos ka, fulfillment!!! Survivor!!!

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Sunday, September 05, 2004


***Note: this may sound corny, sorry.. I just can't help it, I just wanna share this to you guys... AND he doesn't have an idea that I like him... AND I'm going to change the names of the persons involved. (I just feel that they read this)

Let's jut call him Mr. Anatomy. I named him Mr. Anatomy because my friend told me that he is really good in the subject Anatomy. This guy is typically the boy-next-door. He's 2years older than me, an athlete, ex-student council officer, has a killer smile, beautiful eyes, definitely God-fearing an a certified "crush ng bayan!"

We were 1st introduced by my close friend Sophia during the 2nd month of 2nd semester last year. Last week of November, we were once again introduced by the older brother of Sophia. (Mr. Anatomy and Kuya Paolo were volleyball varsity teammates back in highschool) Anyway, 4 of us were having a conversation, Kuya Paolo then was teasing me to Mr. Anatomy saying things like "Uy, Mr. Anatomy, diba crush mo si Charmaine? sige na, aminin mo na!" Then he replied, "Hindi ako, yung classmate kong si Giovanni. Kasi nung narinig daw niya yung boses mo nung kumanta ka, nagustuhan niya, Yikee!" I just smiled. Kuya Paolo and Sophia left us early because they were fetched by their parents. Before they left, Kuya told Mr. Anatomy, "Usap muna kayo ha, madaldal yan, bye!" I was just laughing at them, there was no kilig yet at all because I wasn't attracted pa to him. I just wanted to talk with him while I was waiting for my dad to fetch me. I enjoyed the conversation and ended up asking me if I have "friendster," so I said yes. Hahaha! It all started there, I don't even know how we began texting and what was his first message. But I saved the 1st quote he sent me:

"I want to say 'hi' coz I want to greet you, 'how are you?' coz I'm concerned, 'is everything fine?' coz I care, 'take care' coz you mean so much to me, & 'thank you' coz I appreciate your existence... nyt!" - March 29,2004 (11:15 PM)

FACT: He sent this message again after a month... Hahaha!

Days passed by and when we see each other in school, we would just exchange hi and hello with a few conversation. But when we would really talk, he still teases me with his friend. I can't remember if we still text that time.

July 2004, I felt something. There was one incident that Sophia and I accidentally saw him and I said something like, "Ang gwapo naman niya, anlinis pa ng itsura!" Sphia was shocked and couldn't believe what I just said. When she asks me if I do like him, I kept on denying. I wasn't sure pa. AND this was his 2nd quote:

"Kakalungkot kasi, minsan lang tayo magtext, SAGLIT lang magkausap... Pero naisip ko din, at least may MINSAN.. Kahit papano may SAGLIT.. ok na sakin yun, kesa naman WALA! goodnight!üü" - July 2, 2004 (11:57PM)

From then on, he finds time to text me or just miss call. I'm happy with it. There was this week na he would always greet me in the morning and wishes me luck on my classes. I'd have to say that, "crush ko na talga siya!" I'm happy everytime he would text me kahit di everyday. Now, nagmimisscall lang siya everyday at feeling ko naguusap narin kami nun! Busy kasi eh, kaya di siguro nakakatext.

Am I in-love or infatuated? Oh God, if he's not for me, then take him ASAP! If he's the right one, so be it! ***Right at this very moment, he misscalled...

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