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Saturday, October 30, 2004


My family and I went to the cemetery a while ago to visit my late grandfather and my dad's sister. Thank goodness, the weather did cooperate. The sun didn't show up and it wasn't that hot. But, a lot of people were there. I wasn't surprised with that actually... Anyway, while we were waiting for the candle to melt thoroughly, we had this conversation:

Mom: ang sarap siguro mag-aral dito sa sementeryo noh?
Maine: ngee, ayoko nga, kasama mo mga patay?!
Mom: at least tahimik, makakaconcentrate ka...
Maine (saying to herself): tapang mo kasi mommy eh!
Lance: mas masarap naman siguro sa libingan ng mga bayani kasi may grass..
Maine: Hahaha! Ngek! Ayoko parin, kakatakot!
Mom: nung elementary kami sa Holy Spirit, Tarlac, we had religion class sa cemetery eh!
Maine: nyeee...

*My dad was busy with his cellphone... Haha!

Dad: Maine, gusto ko ng MP3 sa phone ko, sendan moko.
Maine: Di pwede, galing sa computer to, wala pa tayong IR port.
Dad: ah ganon ba? Palagyan moko!
Maine: okie....

* Funny ni Daddy kasi lahat ng meron sa phone ko, gusto niya. He wanted to be "in." He even sent some wav files from my phone to his phone.

Maine: Dad, akin nalang yung memory card mo.
Dad: ayoko nga!
Maine: Bakit? Di mo naman ginagamit yan eh. Di ka naman mahilig mag take ng pics, and mag-save ng messages.
Dad: eh, from now on, magiging mahilig nako!
Maine: aaawww, daya..

* I was hoping that he'd give it to me. Hehe, I was fooling around anyway...

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Guess who voluntarily fixed and changed the layout of my blog? tantanantantan.... VEA VOOCHIE! Doing her friend's layout is really her expertise! She's the best! She's really patient and very eager to make my layout beautiful. Thanks sistah! Love yah! The girly icon on the upper left of my blog was made by Tita Verna! Vea's mom! They're the best! Super thanks to you guys! mwah!
I'm still here at Vea's place with Tiny. I really enjoy being with them the whole week! Imagine, since Monday, kami magkakasama! If you wanna see some pics, go here. I just stayed here the whole afternoon, watched Vea in doing my layout and bonded with her brother Mikey. I really did enjoy!

Having a Sun Cellular Sim card made my life easier. I already have 27 friends who are sun subscribers. Yipee! I enjoy calling and texting them without even thinking of the credits. By the way, while Vea was busy doing my layout, Mikey and I made fun of ourselves and called each other using or sun sim cards. Haha! Go get sun now!

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Monday, October 25, 2004


This was how they described me last Saurday during my 18th birthday celebration. It was held at the Philippine Columbian Association, Quezon Hall, Plaza Dilao, Paco Manila at 6pm. It was a formal debut with the traditional 18 thingies plus the 18 shots. My escort? I don't have an escort... haha! Saturday night was a blast! I really had a great time. I was happy to see my family, friends and relatives gathered together in one event. I got teary-eyed when my friends from far places came just to witness my memorable day. I was so soooo happy!

Highlights of my debut:

--> 18 treasures, 18 shots, 18 candles and 18 roses
--> 3 college friends surprised me with the video presentation they made. They had video clips of Drew Arellano and Ryan Agoncillo, greeting me a Happy Birthday! Funny part was when Ryan Agoncillo said things like these: "Mr. & Mrs. Clamor, ngayon ho ang nakatakdang panahon para aminin na po namin sa inyo ni Charmaine ang aming relasyon. Matagal na po kaming magboyfriend at girlfriend ni Charmaine. Tinatago lang po namin. Isa narin pong reason kung bakit gabi-gabi umuuwi si Charmaine ay pumupunta siya dito sa taping ko tapos nanunuod ho kami ng sine. Pasensya na po at tinago namin. Nagmamahalan po talaga kami! Happy Birthday Maine, I lab you! *flying kiss*" I was so surprised and at the same time laughing. All my guests were laughing as well. Ryan is a great actor! haha! He said pa some things eh, i can't remember.

To my family and friends, thank you for sharing the roses, signifying beauty, your shots, signifying fun and laughter, your treasures, signifying wealth and your candles, signifying your prayers and wishes. I would like to thank the people who made this affair possible, you know who you are. I will not mention their names anymore. Your names shall always be written in our hearts and I'm sure that you'll receive your own recognition and reward in HIS time. Thank you dearest mom and dad for everything.

Here are some pictures: some pics will be posted soon...

torch parade... Posted by Hello

entrance... Posted by Hello

tired of smiling... Posted by Hello

super tired of smiling... Posted by Hello

family pic Posted by Hello

Kipping clan Posted by Hello


Just a while ago, I was out with Vea. We first went to our school when we were in highschool to watch their Literary-Musical Contest wherein our own brothers are participants. My brother Lance was a part of the Chorale Competition, and they won! Haha! Mana talaga sakin! :p After that, we went to the salon to have my hair relaxed because I'm so tired of fixing my wavy hair and putting on gel. Thanks to vea for spending her time with me. After the salon, we decided to buy a Sun Cellular sim card coz we all know that it's free and unlimited. Unfortunately, I still can't use it because my phone is exclusively for Globe sim card. My phone has to be open-lined first. I guess I'll just have to wait for vea's dad so that it'll be free. Aww, thanks vea for everything! Sister talaga kita! mwah! tomorrow ulit for the Intrams! luvyah!

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Friday, October 22, 2004


Thank God! Sembreak na! I'm so happy, I've been waiting for this for so long. Yehey!BUT i'm actually nervous for our deliberation on November 3. Awww, pls LORD, I don't wanna fail... Why do I say this? Anatomy and Physiology final exams were super hard!!! We are all nervous for november 3. Gah! I want to finish Nursing at UERM! I can't and shouldn't fail. I know I did my best, I study all the time. Di na nga ko tumataba eh, kakapuyat at kakaaral. Hehe! Hay.. Pls do pray for me...


18 nako! waah... hehe! thanks for all those who greeted me! thanks talaga! I'll be back blogging on Sunday promise! :D takecare! Godbless! mwah!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

finals week... aww.. i can't visit all your sites... singit lang ito coz nababaliw nako sa kakareview! ahh, i don't wanna study anymore! please do pray for me. pretty please...

Thursday - Anatomy and Physiology, PRE-FINALS (cardiovascular, renal, endocrine, GIT/Nutrition and reproductive system)

Friday - Primary Health Care and Health Ethics (cover-to-cover)

Saturday - FINALS of Anatomy and Physiology, cover to cover as in all systems!

Monday (oct.18) - Phil. Literature and Phil. History

waahh! super hirap ng mga ito! kung alam niyo lang! super thick ng mga handouts na kelangang basahin! grr... buti pa kayo, sembreak na! huhuhuhu! i shall return... :D

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Friday, October 08, 2004

ANOTHER UPDATE --> I can't think of any title eh!

Even if I'm stuck in reviewing for the Finals, I still find time for myself and for my friends. Last Wednesday afternoon, my friend Lel, asked me if I wanted to go to Tutuban Center Mall with her. I immediately said yes since I wanted to check out some cheap blouses and pants. We took the chance to ask our 6 classmates if they want to go with us. They agreed. So there, when we arrived there, we ate at Kenny Rogers then went window-shopping. I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything because I'm really saving my money for something else. And then I saw this super cute halter-top that says 2 for P170. I didn't think twice, I bought it! *wink* We really had a great time shopping, we even took some pictures:

The witch! ahihihihi! Posted by Hello

Happy Halloween!!! Posted by Hello

mwah! Posted by Hello

Nice colorful shades!!! Posted by Hello

Super sarap maglibot especially if you have lots of money. Like if you have P1000, you'll be able to buy 2 blouses, 2 pants and a pair of shoes. Tips to get big discounts: dapat magaling ka rin tumawad or speak Chinese because most of the owners are Chinese.


This was a tiring day, especially our subject in the afternoon, ETHICS. We just presented our case studies and reviewed our previous exams for the Finals. Our teachers in that subject are being student-friendly actually. I love them for that. They let us review our previous exams because they'll get some questions there for our Finals. Uhm, this is me while having our discussion... AND I do not wear glasses, I just feel like wearing the glasses of my friend. My seatmate took the picture by the way...

serious... and at the same time bored... Posted by Hello

Tomorrow is going to be an ANATOMY DAY! Oh gosh, I'll be like this again...

sleepy... Posted by Hello

But I will try not to sleep... Promise...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THESE PERSONS: (Vea, gaya-gaya ako! Hehe!)

October 4 - Gie
October 7 - KatKat, Kuya Mark
October 8 - Jerome
October 11 - Noel
October 15 - Junie
October 17 - Kuya Kiong
October 30 - Tito Michael and Ninang Loi

Godbless you all! Wish you all the best in this world... Mwah!

By the way, as what Vea said in her blog, please do visit our friend's blog. Her name is Sam, fondly called Hannah. She is a co-Sader. Unfortunately, she's sick "Systemic Lupus" (kidney problem, associated with the immune system) and needs our prayers and support. Please do visit it. Thanks! Godbless you all!

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


October 5, Tuesday

Yipee! No classes today! Why? Because I'm done with all my return demonstrations. The teachers said, "just review for the finals." So what am I doing now? Obviously, blogging! I'll just study later. Oh well, I'm just here at home taking a rest, blogging, bloghopping, preparing the music for my debut, and waiting for Vea (punta ka na dito sa bahay! Tagal!)

October 4, Monday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIE! Gie is a co-sader... One of my closest friends. Happy 18th dear! Godbless!
-->Had a 50-item quiz on History, and it was pure enumeration. I got 2 mistakes! I forgot to put "Sr." on Theodore Roosevelt's name and I placed James Smith instead of Jacob Smith. Sayang!
-->Distributed the invitations for my debut
-->Went to the dentist, mom's office and cousin's place

October 3, Sunday

I couldn't believe I woke up at 2pm! That was a long sleep! Actually, I miss sleeping that long... I just stayed at home and study for the History quiz. Met up with Junie, Ray-an, Kuya Opot and Vince just to give their invitations. Went to mass at 6pm with my brother.

October 2, Saturday

Had Anatomy and Physiology class this morning. I went to the debut of my friend Joyce at the Village Patio, Anonas, Q.C wherein my friend who happens to be the suitor of Joyce asked me to sing Joyce's favorite song "Love of my Life" by Brian Mcknight. Boy, it was hard because there was no minus one and to think that a guy should be the one singing the song. Buti nalang, mataas boses ni Brian... Oh! I was the one who lead the opening prayer pala and I was a part of the 18 shots. Tequilla Rose tastes really good! Went home at around 1am.

Joyce's debut - L: JM, Maine, Marga, Tere and Carla Posted by Hello

October 1, Friday

WOW! October! Month of the Holy Rosary and my birthday! As usual, I went to school. So tired because we still had our batch meeting. I also went to UST to attend the 1st Friday Mass... Super konti ng Saders.


1. The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.
2. Everyday more money is printed for Monopoly that the US TREASURY.
3. Coca-cola was originally green
4. The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.
5. In Scotland, a new game was invented. It was entitled Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden... and thus the world GOLF entered into the English language.

Thanks for reading!

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