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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

"Bakit ba mahirap hindian ang isang kaibigan? Takot kang siya'y masaktan? Ayaw mong masira ang samahan? Pero sa huli, iisip ka, kaibigan lang ba talaga? O ayaw mo lang amining mahal mo na?"
*boom* this is the feeling i hate! really... i'm keeping myself busy nalang... i'll concentrate on preparing for our sportsfest this december 1-4. i wish i could just simply tell him what i feel... help!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


~I've been very busy with school works. As usual, what's new? I can't even blog everyday because of our stupid schedule! I hate my schedule really...
~I'm here in our school's cyber library and it's 12:21 pm, lunchbreak.I decided to blog now coz I won't be able to blog at home. Guess what? I ran our of internet card. Grr... Anyway, my mom is planning to have a DSL account soon... Hopefully...
~Just finished reading the "The Da Vinci Code." Yeah, just now. I have been dying to read that for months now, I was so busy and I couldn't find time to read. The book was good, I just don't like the ending. Haha! I guess, I'll just be waiting for the movie.
~Yesterday, I signed up for KINJA. What's Kinja? Hmm... Just read Vea's blog. It is for the easy access to other peoples weblog. I demand you to get an account now! Hehehe! just kidding!
~My subject this afternoon at 1pm is RLE. We would be discussing all about First Aid. They will be teaching us everything about it. How to carry patients properly, put bandage with technique, when and where to give first aids etc. Pretty interesting huh?
~Our Sportsfest will be on December 1-4 and it will be held at the Marikina Sports Complex. One reason why I won't be blogging that much this week is because I will again be a part of our cheering competition. We were the defending champion last year but this year, I doubt it! We don't have practice yet! Grrr! 2 weeks nalang!
~I love Korean Movies already... especially love stories! haha! Watch "My sassy girl" and "The classic." The movies are really inspiring and romantic! Promise!
~I have been eating a lot this week and I don't know why. Plus! I crave a lot for chocolate bars! waah!
~Can't wait for Christmas! Have to go guys! mwah! Godbless!

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

1st week

November 9 marked the first day of our classes. To think that it's our 1st day, we had lecture right away and we were given assignments as well. Whatta day! I was really sleepy and super tired. It was like I was used to waking up lunchtime and not having breakfast at all. (Parang ang haba ng sembreak ah!) It was nice seeing my blockmates again, we were like the noisiest yet most intelligent class in our batch. Our new professors were fine, I think we would be able to get along well, and they are humorous in a way because they tend to joke every now and then. By the way, here are my subjects for this semester:

Primary Health Care 2 - 3 units
Physics - 3 units
Related Learning Experience (RLE) - 2 units
Rizal - 3 units
Political Science - 3 units
Science and Technology and Society (STS) - 3 units
Euthenics 1 & 2 - 1 unit
Health Economics - 3 units
P.E 4 (Ballroom Dancing) - 2 units

My subjects are pretty interesting; I just hope we won't get "toxic" with their assignments, projects, quizzes, and Return Demonstrations. Brain cells should cooperate! Hmm, I'll take memory enhancer kaya? Hehe! My classmate told me, it really works! Should I try one? Nah, maybe when we start getting "toxic."

Why Nursing?

A lot of people are taking up Nursing nowadays. In fact, we have 9 irregular classmates in some particular subjects. They all came from different schools like U.P Manila, 3 from UST, U.P Los BaƱos, Ateneo, Trinity College of QC and CEU. Another fact, before they transferred in our school (UERM), they were all taking up Bachelor of Science Courses like Biology, Medical technology, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy and Accountancy. When I asked them what made them decide to take up Nursing instead of their previous course, they all said: "Nursing is more practical!" Others wanted to be a doctor after taking those Pre-Med courses. My irregular classmate Karen who took up Biology in Ateneo told me this: "I wanted to be a doctor, Biology was my pre-med course, naisip ko na why not take Nursing nalang, since it's more practical tapos doctors now are taking it. At least mas maganda na yung background ko, marami nakong alam in terms of hospital experience before I take Medicine in the future." She was right. Now, I'm thinking, what if I finished Nursing and be a professional nurse, will I leave the country to serve other people instead of my fellow Filipinos or I'll just stay here, serve the Filipinos, and be the best that I can be just to be able to help patients without minding the money I have to earn?

Bahala na, matagal pa yun! Hahaha! Basta, I will really strive hard to finish the Nursing profession. I will be the best nurse in the future! Help me pray for it.

Bloggers, I will try to check your blogs every now and then. I hope you would still visit mine. Thanks! Missing you all! Godbless! Mwah! :p

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

It's November 5 yesterday, first friday of the month and considered as one of the most memorable day of my life.

My day started out bad. I had an early morning emergency meeting yesterday with the student council. I was late. Kasi naman 30 minutes na akong nag-aantay ng Fx or cab wala parin! Bwiset na bwiset nako! I had to go back home again and call Mervin. Good thing, di pa siya umaalis ng bahay, take note: LATE NARIN SIYA. I asked him if he can pick me up. Tutal, lapit naman house niya. Hay, thanks to Mervin. Ayoko talaga ng pinag-aantay at ayoko din ng nalelate! On-time ata ko lagi! Yan ang nagpabadtrip sa araw ko.


The other night, I asked Marga, Mervin, and Rey if they wanted to play badminton after our meeting. Marga invited Joel as well. Good thing, they said yes! I missed playing badminton actually and I wanted to go out with them and have an exercise before school starts. We had DOUBLES GAME first. My partner was Mervin and our opponents were Marga and Rey. They won the in the 1st and 3rd set, and we won in the 2nd set by 3 points. It was really a fun game. We enjoyed a lot! Here are our pics:
mervin and irey and mervin, playing badmintonmarga and joel, playing badminton6badminton
1. Mervin and I 2. Mervin and Rey, singles game 3. Marga and Joel- singles game 4. Kaming lahat...


Guess what? Magkakasama na naman kami ng barkada ko! Sulit talaga ang sembreak, kasama ko sila! We met up here in my place at 6pm, then nilakad nalang namin hanggang UST. The mass started at 8pm, ended up at 9:30pm. I was so happy to see other Saders as well, especially SAM, I haven't seen this girl for months! I really missed this girl! I hope you guys will continue praying for her health. Thanks! After mass, we were supposed to go to Coffee Indulgence but it was closed already, so we decided to have it at MiniStop near our place. As usual, maingay nanaman ang table namin! Busog na kami sa kakatawa! Ika nga, "Laughter is the best medicine!"


Vea, Sam and Me

I'M SAD... oopps!!! NOT ANYMORE!

I am sooo happy! I decided to erase the post that I've made last November 3 about Mr. Anatomy because I finally know the truth. Yes, I already talked to him. And it's true, they are a couple already and I'm so happy for them. There were explanations on why he denied it to me. He told me everything, as in EVERYTHING. I just realized I was just looking for a brotherly love, since I don't have an older brother. The feeling I was telling you guys, was not the LOVE (relationship) I expected. We are good friends now. Very close friends. He considers me as his little sister and his bestfriend. In that way, OK nako! Mas happy pa! Thanks to him! May tiwala siya sakin ng sobra! *touched* Maybe God didn't entitle me to him because He wants someone better to whom I could be happier. And I think it's Ryan na! Hahaha! I got these pictures in Friendster, sorry! :) This guy never fails in making me smile! He's so cute!


VTR ek ek..

My friend Kevin, texted me last night. Asking me if I could go to his sister's office in Makati to have a VTR today. They badly need a teenage girl who really sings a lot. I had a VTR before, but that was not serious. I wasn't able to come coz I had an important appointment with the family. Sayang... I guess it's not time pa...

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

This is long I tell you... Hope you'll read this. Thanks!

BLOG - wala pala siya sa dictionary... I checked it out yesterday. Hay, tayong mga bloggers pala nag nagpauso nito! Blog just simply means an online journal where you can share and write your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and opinions with other people. Taong mga kilala mo personally o complete strangers na nakilala mo dito sa web. Hay, galing talaga ng mga taong may gawa nito. Super thanks to them, without this blog, I won't be able to meet my online friends. You know who you are... Grabe, nagdrama daw ba? Wala lang, it just popped into my mind. Sobrang dami ko nang nameet ng dahil dito sa blog na ito. I can proudly say that I have been a part of their lives. Am I right? Naging part nga ba ako? Hehe. Of course, kayo rin, naging part na kayo ng buhay ko. Kahit sobrang busy ako sa school, di ko matiis ang hindi magblog. Blogging has been a part of my life coz I know maraming nagbabasa ng mga sinusulat ko. Kahit na minsan walang sense yung sinusulat ko. I'm so thankful that I still have you guys. Tagal na natin dito! Sana magtagal pa! Sana walang magsawa... Narealize ko rin na even before blogging became a thing, meron nakong blog. Imagine, 3rd year highschool ata ako nagstart, ngayon, 2nd year college nako! I was with Xanga pa that time. Thanks guys for the wonderful inspiring comments, and tags that you have given me. In that way, you made me so happy and special.


Yahoo! Yesterday, it was the DELIBERATION DAY a.k.a JUDGEMENT DAY of the UERM Nursing Students. Here we will know if we have passed our subjects during the last semester. Dito narin nangyayari ang mataimtimang dasal ng mga estudyante. Sa deliberation day, we will be gathered in one classroom then wait for our adviser. Yung ibibigay ng adviser ang highlight ng deliberation. Ano nga bang ibibigay niya? Just 1/4 sheet of yellow paper na nakalagay "PASSED" or "SEE ME." O diba nakakatakot! With all the prayers, luckily, I passed! Super hirap kaya ng semester na ito! Right after I have received that paper, nag-enroll na agad ako. Kahit na super haba ng pila at daming taong nag-eenroll, I patiently waited for my turn. Super sakit na ng paa ko kakalakad at kakatayo kasi dami pang processes ang enrollment namin eh. Eh ang payment pa ng tuition, sa hospital pa! Tatawid ka pa! Hay, but thank God I'm officially enrolled!


May shooting sa tapat ng bahay namin 5 mins ago! How funny! Si Ariel of "The Misadventures of Ariel and Maverick" Bakit kaya wala si Maverick? Eh siya ang kapitbahay namin?! Hmm... Kinausap ako kanina ni Ariel, kasi tinitignan ko sila, (tapos na shooting nun), hindi naman ako na star struck or something. Curious lang...
Ariel: Sa UST ka nag-aaral? (I duno what made him say that!)
Maine: Hindi, sa UERM.
Ariel: Ah, nuod ka sa Saturday, 10pm on Channel 5 ha!
Maine: Sure, Ako pa, lagi akong nanunuod nyan eh!
Ariel: Ganon, natatawa ka naman ba?
Maine: Oo naman!
Ariel: Sige, salamat! Bye!
Actually, I like them. Super humble parin nila kahit sikat na sila. Si Maverick, nakikita ko dito, kasama Dad ata niya, nag-aayos ng kotse. Tapos siya pa minsan naglilinis... Wala lang...

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY KESSA! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! Stay as makulit and sweet as you are! Love yah! Looking forward in meeting you this semester! Yey! Godbless!

"In love, never put yourself in a situation where you are not sure, where you stand in a person's life. Never assume, never expect so that if they choose to leave you, you'll have enough strength to move on..."

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I know this maybe late... Sorry! I was supposed to blog the other day but I was busy chatting with my friends that I couldn't leave them. Yesterday evening, I was still in Tarlac (that's our province), I was busy blogging and updating my site, and then all of a sudden, I ran out of internet card! Waahh! I hate it when I know I'm almost done and then all I have to do is click on the word "Publish." Grrr... It freaked me out! Sayang mga tinype ko! *sigh* Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween celebration.


Guys, I want you to visit my cousin's site, It's Her name is Veronica Ashley Kipping, but I call her Vicka. She's a nine-year old girl from Tarlac. I was actually surprised when she asked me to teach her how to create her own blog. I immediately said yes coz when she's on the Net, she just checks her Friendster, MySpace, Yahoo mail and Messenger. She said, she wants to have a blog so she can share her thoughts with other people and at the same time be friends with them.

Vicka and I are very close; we share the same interests in movies, clothes and music. Yesterday and the other day, we had a DVD Marathon, and surfed on the Net. By the way, would you believe that we have the same size of shoes? Yes, it's true. Haha! Look, she's 9 and I'm 18! And, I think when she turns 12, she'll be taller than me! Nooo!!!

atchie and vicka

lance and vicka

Cute cuzins

1. Atchie and Vicka 2. Lance and Vicka 3.Vicka, Nico, Atchie and Joshua


Cess is my kabarkada since grade school. She is now studying in UST taking up ECE. Known to be: singer, volleyball varsity player, good adviser, strong woman, intelligent, witty and beautiful. Later at 6pm, she'll be having a celebration at the Patio Ibarra, Quezon Ave. So I have to go and prepare myself for tonight's affair. Wish me luck! I'll be singing! Hahaha!

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