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Thursday, December 30, 2004


Hey, Happy New Year everyone! I don't know why I'm like this now, it's vacation time and I couldn't find time to blog. I'm just so lazy... Really lazy... I just want to sleep, sleep, and sleep. I really need that right now. I look like a zombie already. Imagine that? I have big eyebags! Eeww... I'll just share with you the highlights of my vacation.

--> We started our Xmas break last December 23 because of our Sportsfest.
--> Didn't have the chance to complete Simbang Gabi for so many reasons.. Aww..
--> Had our Midnight Mass at Loreto Parish, ( di mahulugang karayom ang tao! )
--> Had our Noche Buena in our house with my cousins (father's side)
--> Got a lot of new bags (my friends really know that I'm a bag person..)
--> Received a very cute pair of slippers given by Vea Voochie! it's just so nice! fits me well!
--> Tag-hirap talaga ngayon, I can really feel it. I only got P800 from my Ninangs.
--> They just prefered to give something nalang instead of money. But its ok though.
--> Christmas Day: Went to the our province, Tarlac for our family reunion (mother's side).
--> Didn't get to attend the SADE retreat, aww... I feel bad. Though I didn't really want to attend coz I'm just too busy. Sorry Lord...
--> Went home to Manila (Dec. 27) with my cousin Nico... It was fun being with him and taking care of him, he is just 6 years old.
--> On the night of dec. 27, we went to Glorietta, ate dinner and stroll for a while.
--> Dec. 28, went to SM Manila with Vea, Belle and Ray-an to watch So Happy together, Mano po 3 and Enteng Kabisote (which I wasnt able to finish)
--> Dec 29, traveled back to our province for another reunion, KIPPING reunion.
--> 7pm of Dec. 30, went home to Manila.
--> Dec. 31, just stayed at home, watched Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and You got Served.
--> Jan. 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Went to mass to thank the Lord for everything..


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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Chrismas! Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Live life to the fullest and be thankful for all the blessings you have received. And so I thank Him for having you guys! Thanks for all the greetings. Thanks for making my christmas extra special! Thank you for not leaving my side. Thank you sobra! I love you guys! Godbless! *mwah*

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Demanding an update?! Here it goes...

Haha! Tiepee, Cris, Adrian, Russ eto na po... Hehe! Sorry guys, as usual, same reason nanaman why I couldn't update my blog. SCHOOL talaga eh (homeworks and my extra-curricular activities). Oh well, I owe you guys a lot! I have more stories to tell you.

Tomorrow is the 8th of December

December 8? OMG, It's Lea Salonga's Home for Christmas concert tomorrow! Yeah, and so? SO! Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch and witness her great performance again. Too bad... Awww, I feel bad! Grrr! I guess I'll just wait for it to be televised, maybe after the concert. Hopefully...

***Due to frustration, I'll go to mass tomorrow after class since it's the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Plus, I need to ask for the gift of wisdom, I need to pray for my exams for the next day and this coming week.
Sportsfest 2004 – FIRST DAY ONLY! TOXIC!
We were supposed to have our Sportsfest for 3 days. But due to the "super typhoon" Yoyong, we weren't able to continue our Sportsfest last December 2 and 3. Badtrip! But the first day was a success though. Among all the council officers, I was the most toxic one! In every activity, I'm always the Registration Committee Chairman. So I have to let the 845 Nursing Students register first before we could start the event or program. That day, the registration should actually start at 7am and should end at 8:45. 8:46-9:00 am - considered LATE (should pay the corresponding fine). So I left the house at 5:20am, I was in the LRT Legarda Station at 5:30am, and waited for the train going to Santolan. I was surprised to see some schoolmates inside the train. Boy, they were early! When I arrived in the place at 6:00am, I was again surprised to see a lot of schoolmates waiting for me just to register! I was like, "Ano ba?! 6 palang, 7 pa start! Andami nyo na grabe! Excited!" Of course, I was just telling that to myself. And so I decided to start narin early. Well so much for that... I just wanna share with you my "katoxican" during the first day.

***Continuation of Sportsfest will be on December 20 and 21..

Mr. And Ms. Nursing Pageant & Nursing night – December 4, UERM Gymnasium
As usual, I went to school early for the registration and release of tickets for the event. Well, you maybe wondering, "wala ka bang katulong dun?!" Yes, I do have, the batch secretaries to be exact, pero minsan late pa...

Anyway, at the Mr. & Ms. Nursing Pageant, yung 2 representatives ng batch namin, nanalo! Grabe, unexpected! Every batch kasi may 2 representatives. Kahit na 2nd year palang kami, nananalo na kami! Barby Calma, our Ms. Nursing 2004, is my friend back in gradeschool and highschool. Our Mr. Nursing 2004 on the otherhand, Carlo Bulaong, is my blockmate and my kabarkada.

***I sang "Bukas nalang kita mamahalin" pala for an Intermission Number while they were preparing for the question and answer portion.

Nursing Night, the most exciting part of the event. SpongeCola, Kitchie Nadal and Akafellas were there to perform.

SpongeCola - great performers, but I must admit, they were a little bit snobbish. I was with them in the dressing room kasi eh. But the vocalist is really cute! Small nga lang.. hehe!

Kitchie Nadal - shocks! I think I have this thing for boyish girls! Hahaha! No no no! I'm a girl! I love boys! Hahaha! Seriously, she was hot and pretty! She was a really really great! I'm starting to like her songs too. Before kasi hindi... and she was really friendly, she loves making pa-cute pa nga when someone wants to have a picture taken with her. Haha! I'll share the pics with you maybe on the weekend!

Akafellas - they were also friendly, kakatuwa! Kasi when I was having my dinner, I didn't notice katabi ko na pala sila! Haha! Na star-struck ako! They were smiling a lot pa! Hay, ang bait! I have to say that I'm so lucky that I'm a student council officer, privilege namin magserve sa kanila. Haha! When they performed, lahat talaga ng tao, nagsisigawan, kumakanta with them, and nagsasayaw. I never thought ganon pala sila kagaling.


ALL Bloggers: Million thanks to you guys, you still visit my blog. Grabe! I'm so glad and happy! Thanks a lot! You are my inspiration kung bakit tinutuloy ko pa ito. Ang hirap niyo iwanan. Serioulsy, nung mga times na hindi ako naguupdate, naiisip ko kayo! I miss you guys! Vea, Cher, Mervin, Shobe, Bianca, Gail, Ian, Adrian, Russ, Tiepee, Sam, Cris, Cali, Charsa, Rap, Mary, Claire, Jray, Kessa and Vicka and sa lahat ng bumisita. THANK YOU!
***Twinkedream18 and ANGEL - sure, link away! Thanks too!

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