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Sunday, February 13, 2005


1 day to go and it's Valentine's day already! I'm looking forward to knowing what's in store for me tomorrow. Will I be surprised? Will I be happy? I hope! Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, why?

1. From 9-12 am our group will be having a report on STS about Sex Organ Transplant (interesting huh?).
2. 12nn, I'll cross the streets and go to UERM Hospital for my check-up. (I was hospitalized last Sunday till Monday)
3. After the check-up, I'll ride the LRT and go straight to Gateway Mall in Araneta for our group date. Woohoo, I'm so excited, we'll watch The Phantom of the Opera! Can't wait! I sooo love musicals!


Yes, I was hospitalized last February 6-7 at the UERM Hospital. The diagnosis was Acute Gastroenteritis, this is due to my "katakawan."
THE STORY: I ate a lot of sisig last Feb. 5 at Ayscee in front of Ultra. We went there coz we were so hungry and we are all craving for sisig. I was with my 6 friends (3 couples). I had 1 order of pork sisig all by myself and 2 orders of rice. The next day, 7am, I was experiencing a terrible pain at the epigastric region of my stomach (middle part of stomach), I was vomiting like hell. I vomited 4x in case you wanna know. Eeww.. I immediately ask my mom if she can bring me to UERM Hospital, since students there are free of charge. I was brought to the E.R... After some check-up and medical procedures that were done, they admitted me. I liked the idea of being admitted coz in that way the doctors can observe me and I won't be dehydrated because of the dextrose. Here are my pictures:

maine in the hospital last feb 6-7 maine and marga
im so touched! my caring classmates
Obviously, these are my classmates. Naging nurse ko pa yung isang classmate ko coz duty niya that day. Swerte noh? Hehe! :D Kaya friends, better take care of yourselves and be careful of what you eat. Godbless!

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Time is running so fast! How am I gonna tell you all the experiences I had after January 10? Hmm.. I 'm sorry for not updating. I really have no time to blog. Anyway, just wanna thank you for still visiting my blog, tagging and leaving a comment. They are all appreciated.

NO DATE on Valentine's Day?

February 14 is a Monday and it's a school day. Haha! At first, I don't feel like celebrating the V-day coz you know, I don't have a special someone. Yeah, yeah I know, I have a lot of friends whom I can celebrate it with, that's why our class planned something. Instead of doing the usual gift-giving during christmas, we will apply it this Valentine's. We agreed to give the one we picked from the drawlots, any kind of flower, chocolate and a card. Minimum budget is P50.00. Para yung mga walang significant other, hindi malungkot ang Valentine's Day niya. After class, since we are scheduled half-day, we will go straight to Gateway Mall and watch a movie. At least, we will not feel dateless. I'm just really glad I have friends like them.


At last, I already had my first hospital duty.
Date - January 26
Time in - 5:45 AM
Venue - UERM Hospital
Time out - 12:00 PM
I was able to do bedbath and bedmaking (changing of linens, and pillow cases) to my 2 old patients. I feel fulfilled in a way coz I was able to help them satisfy their hygienic needs. I also had fun talking and mingling with my patient's family. They were all nice to me. I admit I'm afraid of "masusungit" patients. Luckily, the patients that were assigned to me were all nice and understanding.


Date - January 18-20
Venue - Bagong Nayon, Antipolo City
Objectives: To experience living in an actual community where we are not used to, to be able to interact with the people and to promote health.
It was fun and also fulfilling living there for 3 days and 2 nights, although it was really hard. We were 17 in the group (4 boys and the rest girls), we stayed in a small house with 2 rooms. We were asked to bring our own sleeping bag since there were no beds. We cooked our own food, limited to fish and vegetables only, we went to the market just to buy fish and vegetables. In terms of taking a bath, we had to go outside and pay P3.00 just to have a pail of water. Water conservation is really important in living in a community, lalo nang walang tubig dun, binibili pa! Hirap ng buhay dun, pero para sa mga pamilya dun, simple na yun, wala na silang hinihingi pa. (we got to interview some families living there) swerte nalang kung makakain din sila ng baboy o chicken. I just realized how lucky I am that I didn't get to experience the hard way of living.

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