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Saturday, March 26, 2005

baby maine

The Lenten Season really fits my mood... Look how sad I am... Kulang nalang umulan! Pero comedy yung picture eh, di naman ako baby. Hehe! Though I cried like a baby last night. I really miss Mr. Anatomy, as in! But I guess, I have to accept the fact that he's really not mine and he will not be. Sad but true. At lahat ng pangako, napapako! Hirap pala noh? I've been a good friend, ni hindi ko nga pinagsisiksikan sarili ko sa kanya eh, I always think of his girlfriend. Siguro nga, nasanay lang akong lagi siyang andiyan, kinukulit ako, pinapangiti ako, pero kelangan pa bang mawala siya just to tell him what I really feel? Too late... Letting go and moving on stage nako. Pero sana man lang makareceive ako ng kahit isang text from him saying he's ok, blah blah! Kahit last text na yun...

Advance HAPPY EASTER Bloggers! :D The Lord will rise tomorrow, let us all rejoice and be glad! hehe! It's my mom's birthday tomorrow, and we will have a celebration here in Tarlac.


VEA: Goodluck to you dear! Mine is over... Kaya make the most of it, say what you feel, who knows? You're both single naman eh! You're lucky!

IAN: yeah, it's really stupid and hard. I guess, that's the way love goes.

SAM: thanks SAM! visit us during rehearsals ha! It'll start on Saturday. Congrats din kay TIM, where is he gonna study? Course?

RIA: eh ganon sila talaga eh, wala tayong magagawa... babae din tayo, maghintay nalang.

RUSS: thanks Russ! kala ko nga un na eh, di pa nagsisimula, magtatapos na ata agad! hehe..

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Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm so sad right now, I don't know what to do... I'm missing him so bad. Why is he doing this to me? I haven't received any reply from him for the past 4 days. What's up with him?! I know he's busy studying because it's their exam week, ano ba ang 1 minute para mag reply diba? Sabi pa niya sakin, babawi siya sa mga times na di siya nagrereply. Why is he like that? (a) He's busy (b) Nagtitipid sa load (c) Kasama niya gf niya (d) Wala talagang pakielam sakin huhuhu! sakit naman nun!

***Wait a minute! I'm just his bestfriend, his 'lil sister and JUST his friend. And why am I acting like this?

CHARMAINE: "Maine, he's not your boyfriend, and your not his girlfriend, so stop acting like he's yours! Dream on!"

MAINE: "Yeah, Yeah I know! Lagi ko namang iniisip yun eh, pero mahirap pigilan ang nararamdaman! Masisisi mo ba ko?!"

CHARMAINE: "Do you really love him? Kasi baka you KNOW you love him coz wala siya sa tabi mo. Mamaya, pag dumating yung time na magiging kayo na, bigla kang umayaw."

MAINE: "Uhmm, eeerrr, mmm, yes I do!"

CHARMAINE: "Love means sacrifice... There is a saying, 'If you love somebody, set him free, if he comes back to you, he's yours forever."

MAINE: "I'm sacrificing! I guess, I have to really pray hard and have more faith. Haay..."

CHARMAINE: "Goodluck! I'll be praying for you! Don't just focus yourself on him, dami pa dyan!"

MAINE: "dami? wala nga kong makitang tulad niya eh!"

CHARMAINE: "Eh paano ka makakakita? Eh puro siya nalang tinitignan mo! You can't have everything you want! Remember, what is essential is invisible to the eye..."

MAINE: "Eh siya talaga gusto ko eh! Bahala na... I'm confused! THANKS for all the reminders! I have to really wake up to the reality."


My brother just graduated from highschool last March 19, 2005. I'm so happy for him! Finally, after 12 years of sacrifices and hardwork, he made it! Congratulations Lance!
Lance's Graduation 006 Lance's Graduation 010
Lance's Graduation 005
Lance's Graduation 030Lance's Graduation 033
  1. Christopher Lance Kipping Clamor
  2. With his friends
  3. On stage with dad and mom, just received his Loyalty Medal and Diploma
  4. With DAD and Mom.. I wonder why I wasnt in the picture... I think I was still at home...
  5. Lance, Me and Mom at Congo Grill Makati Branch
  6. With Tito Toyet, Tita Caroline, Lance and ME

SAM: hey sam! it depends upon your course naman eh, if they will require you to have summer classes. See you soon! Text me if you wanna join the concert this May 28. We are in need of dancers!
CHARSA: No, what I meant was, they were both praying the rosary with their own rosary... Hehe!
VEA: yeah! thanks dear! I'll go to your house tomorrow! missed yah!
RUSS: thanks russ! Yeah, you're right, they just exhaust our energy though you really get some good benefits. April 25? kami, april 18...
TIFF: Thanks tiff! sana nga maging kami, but I guess, 5 years from now?! haha!
MARY: awww, thanks mary! missed reading your blog too! I'll visit it as often as I can! thanks!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Okay, so on my way to school, I always ride the LRT. The travel from Legarda Station to V. Mapa station will take you for about 5 mins. So as I was sitting comfortably on the bench inside the train, I happened to observe those 2 guys in front of me. The guy looks like he's 50 years old and the other guy looks 18. Do you know what do they have in common that moment?!... They were both holding and praying the rosary though they are not related to each other. I was so glad and I felt really humbled... And so I realized, "Meron pa palang mga ganung lalake."


Yes I won't run anymore! I know it's nice and fulfilling to serve the student body. You get the respect, you are somehow popular, you get so many benefits, all the teachers know you and you get recognized! But I've had enough... I've done so many sacrifices before, I need to have time for myself and for my family and friends. I'm tired... Look at these scenarios: (1) A friend asks me, "Maine, sama ka nuod tayo movie!" I go, "Sorry, may NSC meeting kami eh, next time nalang!" (2) Pag may activity ang NSC sa school like live bands, lahat ng officers nagtatrabaho, no time to enjoy. But I understand, it's our activity and we should really work on it. But when you think of yourself, maiinggit ka sa friends mo na nakaupo lang, enjoying the party, samantalang ako, sumasakit at nagkakapaltos na paa ko sa kakalakad. (3) My summer workshop recital last summer - I wasn't able to join them because of my commitment to the NSC. Kinailangan kong magback out para di rin ako mahirapan. Hay...

1 month nalang, ordinary student nako! My last project will be the NSC Election 2005 and I will be in-charge of the COMELEC. The elections will be on March 30.


Oh no! You know what? I still have classes until March 22 then we'll take a break for the Holy Week and be back again on March 28 till April 2. Hay... And we just found out that our summer class has been moved to April 18 instead of April 28! Aww, major adjustment again. I only have 2 weeks to enjoy the summer! That's bad news for me. I guess I have to really enjoy every vacation we have. I have to go to the beach! The water needs me!!!


*Russ: thanks Russ! Yeah, I've been attending retreats lately and it helps me talaga. Take care!

*Sam: Thanks Sam! Grabe, pati ikaw? Make kwento soon ah! Oh, there will be a Sade Reunion on Saturday at the HJM Center, 9 am. Hope you could come. We miss you!

*Tiff: thanks Tiff! Nakakatuwa ba yun? Hehe! It's really hard...

*Claire: Aww, thanks Claire! Yah you're right, kung ikaw na nakakaranas ng problem, di mo na talaga alam gagawin mo.

*Kessa: Let's meet na this summer! Move on? Let go? Shet, kaya ko ba yun?! I’ll think of it muna... Di ko pa ata kaya... thanks kessa for the nice words! Hay... Reality bites...

*Aecee: Yes I am ok now Aecee! Thanks for still reading my blog! TC!

*Amz: Congrats on your play! I bet you all did well! Sayang, I wasn't able to watch it, paiba-iba kasi kayo ng date and time eh. Hope we could meet soon! TC!

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Monday, March 07, 2005

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Long time no blog again, as usual, same reasons... I have been doing a lot of self-soothing these days. I have attended 3 retreats in one month, it helped me find the real me. I was able to realize a lot of things, personal problems, academic problems and most especially love problem. I know God is with me all the time and He takes care of me. I was happy that I was able to talk to HIM one-on-one,and I believe I got his message. Try it to yourself, it feels good, really... It will help you find the answers to your problem especially if you have faith.

REMEMBER MR. ANATOMY? He's still the man of my dreams... 1 year ko na siyang gusto and it's really a miracle na hindi pako nagsasawa. He has a girlfriend kasi eh, though we are really close, as in close, as in like bestfriends! We would talk over the phone for hours and he would text me if he has freetime. He doesn't know that I like him a lot, or that I was in love with him. I'm afraid to tell him how I feel coz I dont know what might happen next. I'm scared that he might not call me anymore or even text me. I don't like that to happen. I guess I will just love him silently. But I'm not numb, sometimes I feel that he likes me too, though I'm not expecting it. I always think of it as brotherly-love. Until now, he's the one I'm thinking of every single day and every single night. I just cant get him out of my mind. My friends tell me that I should learn how to open my doors to others, pero ayoko talaga! I can wait... And I will wait for him...


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