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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


At last! After all the sacrifices I've made, and the hardships I went through, it was all worth it! The concert was a blast! Although, inevitably there were some forces of evil who were happily making thje performers' lives miserable. But GOD is really GOOD, He didn't leave us all hanging! We didn't care about the delay, wat was important, we were praising and serving our Lord through singing and dancing. It was a night og worship and a night of music that I really won't forget. Oh how I'll miss our rehearsals, (kahit na inaabot ng madaling araw, to think na halos lahat kami may work at class) the people behind the concert, our elders, singles, kids (who were really active and supportive) and of course the SADERS/TEENS! I'll miss the bonding sessions we had, kulitan, asaran, kantahan at sayawan. Thanks for the friendship guys! See you in UST CHurch on Friday for the 1st Friday Vigil Mass... Nga pala, we will be having our outing, but I still don't know when and where... I'll just keep you updated...

I also wanna thank the people who went to watch our concert, Vea, Rap, Belle, Tiny, Kristel, Francis, Jay, Mervin, Benso, Maki, Atchie, Rey, Marga and Carlo. You made me super happy!


Tomorrow's gonna be our last day! One exam to go! Yipee! Pasaway talaga ako, instead of reviewing, here I am, in front of the computer and updating my blog! hahaha! Take care guys!

***For those bloggers who want to link up, feel free! Just let me know ha... I'll visit your blogs as soon as I have the time. Sorry! Thanks for reading! Mwah!

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Friday, May 20, 2005


Love the new layout?! Of course, the genius made it! Guess who's the genius? Haha! Well, it's my adopted sister, VEA VOOCHIE! Look at her blog too, she changed hers as well. I was surprised actually... She called me yesterday asking if I saw my blog lately, because there was this "prank tagger" who kept saying bad things about me DAW. That I have to delete it right away DAW. I asked her to do it instead but she told me that she isn't allowed to use their computer because Achie's using it DAW. So I decided to go online even if I'm still sick and feeling groggy. And then, I was surprised!!! The layout is just so cute and simple, I love the color so much and Pooh as well! Thanks Vea so much!!! I owe you this! Mwah!


I had fever last Monday until yesterday. Plus, I have colds and cough! Grrr! What is happening to me again? Over fatigue? I was brought to the hospital yesterday to have a check-up and the doctor's diagnosis is Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. This may be due to the HEAT, stress and for staying up so late always. Good thing, my fever is gone though the cough is still here. I'm currently taking up my medicines to recover completely. I have to get well soon coz we still have a concert! 1 week to go! Pls. Continue praying for me.. Thanks! Don't get sick guys ha! It's so hard lalo nang mainit!!!

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Monday, May 02, 2005


Everybody say, "busy!" Haha! As usual, I never ran out of things to do. I'm a busy person and I always want to have something to do. (hmm, as long as I like what I'm doing) ;P


As you all know, our spiritual organization will be having another concert this coming May, so we are doubling our time to prepare for it. My band rehearsal is every Monday 7pm till 12 am and Saturday, 2pm till 6pm. Dance Rehearsal is every Tuesday, 1pm till 8 pm and Saturday, 8am till 12 pm. But I don’t get to attend every Tuesdays because of my summer classes. Oh I love my schedule! M-W-F: 8am-12nn; T-TH: 8am-5pm. At least I have time to catch some sleep and do my homework. But sometimes it's inevitable not to sleep during classes especially if the class is really boring.


I so hate the weather! Do you? It's so hot! Argh! Good thing, I'm always in school and rehearsals that I don't get to feel the heat of the sun. At home, I'm not allowed to open the aircon every afternoon because we are conserving energy. Magastos naman kasi eh... Anyway, HOW'S YOUR VACATION??? Were you able to go to the beach or resort? Do you have a summer job? Voice, acting, dancing, driving, swimming or any lessons? Awww... I miss taking my voice lessons, I have been taking it for 4 years but I stopped because of school. AND I miss going out of town! We're all busy kasi eh, but on the weekend, we have this family outing! Yipee! WATER!!! The water's calling me! Hello water!


YES! Haha! Forget about Mr. Anatomy! My friends are all right, I should open my eyes and heart to someone. And God is really good, if HE takes something, HE gives you a better one! I'm a lot happier these days! This guy really makes me happy all the time. Thanks to HIM! But I'm not hypocrite to say that my love for Mr. Anatomy faded. Of course not! Meron parin konti, though there are improvements like kaya ko nang hindi siya tawagan or text, di ko narin siya naiisip. Hay...

***Mr. Anatomy is now happy and contented with his girlfriend. M.A and Maine are good friends as always. M.A is happy for Maine, wishes for the best and wants to meet the guy. FYI: They are not yet a couple.


I invite you all to watch Hearts of Jesus and Mary Prayer Community's Fund-Raising Concert entitled "TE DEUM Part II, Everyday It's you I Live For" on May 28, Saturday, 7 pm at the College Assurance Plan (CAP) CDC Auditorium, 7th floor, Amorsolo St. Legaspi Village Makati City. Ticket costs Php 150.00 I hope you guys would support us. The Lord will be very happy if you would just sacrifice 2 hours of your time. Thanks a lot! Message me if interested... Godbless!

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