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Sunday, June 26, 2005

CAPPING CEREMONY - June 24, 2005

I'm just so happy because the Scyons 2007 (our Batch name) Capping/Candle-Lighting Ceremony went good. It was indeed a very solemn ceremony. The theme was "Light the Spirit for a Selfless Dedication" and it was held at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Yipee, we can now wear white shoes, white stockings, and of course, the Nursing Cap! And we are officially 3rd Year Students which means, UMPISA NA NG AMING KALBARYO!

Here are the pictures:

Family Pic2 with my cousin, Rika
L-R: Family Picture; My cousin Rika and I

My classmates Marga, ME, Katlin
L-R: My classmates (Carlo, Miggy,Jogz, Katlin, ME,Marga and Lel) ; Marga,ME, Katlin

My bestfriend Marga and her sister, Audrey Mervin,ME, Marga and her brother, Carlo
L-R: Marga and her sister Audrey; Mervin, ME, Marga and her brother, Carlo

The Boys of my barkada,., 4th year students who helped during the ceremony
L-R: The boys of our barkada ; 4th year students with Kuya Carlos who helped during our ceremony
UERM Nursing 032 UERM Nursing 025
L-R: Batch picture (262 students) ; Lel, Marga and ME

UERM Nursing 023 UERM Nursing 021
L-R: Seatmates (Pau, Les, Kat, ME); Kuya Carlo, Ernest, Kuya Carlos, Ate Kat (alumni of UERM, they just passed the Nurse's Board Exam June 2005! Congrats!)

UERM Nursing 020 UERM Nursing 019
L-R: Kuya Carlos; Lel, Paulet, Earl, ME, Bridge, Les, Kat

UERM Nursing 011 UERM Nursing 007
L-R: My MOM! ; Candle-Lighting Ceremony

UERM Nursing 017 UERM Nursing 016
L-R: Atchie Rika; Marga

UERM Nursing 014 UERM Nursing 013

SCYONS 2007, my beloved batch, let us always remember what Sir Winston Churchill said: NEVER EVER, EVER EVER, EVER EVER, EVER GIVE UP!!! Kaya natin 'to! Pumasok tayo ng buo, gagraduate tayo ng buo!

Congratulations to all Nursing Students who passed the Nurse's Licensure Board Examination! Out of 25,000 examinees, 12, 843 examinees passed! UERM Phenomena 2005, you are one of them! Registered Nurses na kayo! Congratulations! Godbless!

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