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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Random thoughts again...

*** It's 1:03 pm now and I'm just sitting here in front of my computer for an hour already. I'm just so happy because we have no exam today. Goodness, thanks dear professors! We all need to relax and take a break! I was supposed to go out with someone today (you know who he is) but unfortunately, wala akong gana... I'm so tamad today. and I don't feel like seeing him. Sorry ha! Anlabo ko talaga! I think I got fed up na... Paulit-ulit nalang, parang cycle. Tapos I really feel that I am just taken for granted, dahil siguro palagi akong nandyan para sa kanya. Oh yeah right, di nga pala kami. And I think it won't ever happen. Ang martyr ko talaga... Don't be shocked if one day, mabasa niyo dito na tumigil nako going gaga over him. That simply means na nakinig nako sa mga kaibigan ko at narealize ko na hindi na tama ito. I'm not happy anymore. Period.

"Perhaps we give all the best of our hearts uncritically, to those who hardly think about us in return."

*** I just realized that I don't really believe in "ideal guy/girl." Thanks to Edwin (my new friend in school), for asking me if I do believe in it. Anyway, we all have an ideal guy/girl, he/she may be someone who is handsome/beautiful, responsible, God-fearing, intelligent, sweet, nice, has a sense of humor, who plays an instrument, an athlete, simple, with long/short hair, rich/in middle class, or in short perfect. There are no perfect persons in this world. Ideal = Idea, not definite, only temporary. In love, when we have found the right one, we forget about those adjectives we were looking for. And if we're in love, it's like meeting your ideal guy/girl.

NICE QUOTE: Find a guy who will kiss you just before the traffic light turns green, who closes his eyes when he hugs you. Find a guy who will patiently drive you to and from school, or even wait for you. Find a guy who will smell your hair every chance he gets, who will wipe of your sweat with his hanky. Find a guy who will sing your favorite song even if he can't carry a tune, find someone who lets you rest over his shoulder, who lets you sleep with his lap and will give you the first and last bite of his burger, who will squeeze your hand tighter when you squeeze his. Find a guy who occupies your every dream, and if you found him, NEVER LET HIM GO!

*** Friendster update: Haha! you can now upload 25 photos in your account! La lang, natuwa lang ako. *wink* Add me up if you want (click on the hyperlink):

*** My parents are in the province (Tarlac) right now... And I miss going there. The last time I went there was last Holy Week, I miss the house so much! I wasn't able to go with them because of my Saturday class.

*** I'm a member of UERM Nursing Chorale, and I'm glad that there are a lot of of new members. UERM peeps: SALI NA!

*** I just had my return demonstration yesterday about Oxygen Therapy and I'm super happy because I survived! I passed! Yipee! Thanks to God!

*** Missing my social life already... No time for late gimiks anymore. Missing my highschool friends, my cousins and SADERS. I hope all is well with you guys...

*** Goodluck KESSA for your board exam! Godbless! Happy Birthday to the August Celebrants: Mervin, Kessa's Mom, Julio, Yen, Maki and Rhina!

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